Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekend Links for Your Enjoyment

Here's a few links to carry you through a cold rainy weekend... (though I read all or most of the content on these sites, there is always a chance I missed something questionable, or a link that you should never link too)

First up, a station here in Birmingham has posted three Taylor Hicks songs available for free download. I especially like "Hell of a Day". Is it bad to say I'm a much bigger Taylor fan than I was a Bo fan?

Two other blogsites of mine are about to get moving soon... starting Monday, The Deuce Weekly goes up. Also, Dave's Random Emails of Encouragement will also go up starting next week sometime, starting with "Stephen", the first I wrote in 1999.

For some political wrangling, here's an intriguing article on the Democratic positioning for a Senate race. It's from Mother Jones Magazine.

For the Osar-philes, which I proudly say I am, Entertainment Weekly has posted an article on this year's Oscar nominees, and their past movie roles, or "gems" as they call them. Don't forget, there will be a live Oscar diary running during the March 5th telecast on this site.

Over on Vh1's site, they have a section called "You Oughta Know", with artists that... well, they think you should know. One of these is KT Tunstall, who's song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" as taken over the playlist in my mind... its infectious, its fun and it will get you moving. You can watch the video and see live performances by KT.

I'm a big proponent of how dangerous internet porn is, so places like XXX Church really make me smile. (also on the side links)

Ken Lass and Wendy Garner finally have a page on WDJC's website. Its not much, but its a start. Despite my working with Brooke Smith, Liz Artz and others, its well documented of my boyish crush on Wendy. She thinks its funny.

And finally, last night I stumbled across this treasure. Didn't know it was even available... and not sure how much I'd pay for it--certainly not $29.


    That was awesome.
    I got all excited.
    For Michael Bolton.

    Do you keep an online archive or anything of all the stuff you've used in theatre ministry? I'm not sure if you could, regarding Copyrights, but that would be neat.

  2. i know, i'm sure you were thinking "i could hardly believe it when i heard the news today... i had to come and get it straight from you..."

    and no, no i dont.


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