Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dave's Ramblings & Questions

Only 18 Days Until the Deuce Weekly Returns!, my computer has been on the fritz for a few days. Friend of mine has it, is working on it. Nice guy, he is.

...had lunch today with a friend of mine from my days at Parisian Corporate, Lisa. Being a guy in my early 20s at the time, I had crushes on all the good looking chicks there, including, but not limited to Sally Carter in advertising, Janna Morrison in the home store, Lee Rubino in the cosmetics, Paige Tatum in advertising and Lisa Taylor in Men's Buying. Sally was six years my elder, and after she left the company, I even got up the gumption to ask her out (she said no). It was a good lunch, good to catch up.

...went hiking in the Vestavia Hills Nature Trails last weekend. Talk about your Blair Witch surroundings. Some of the trails go into nowhere, and I even went walking through the woods about fifty yards before I figured out I wasnt on a trail anymore. Had to cross a creek and climb a hill to figure out where the crap I was. Speaking of crap, got some on my shoe. that I'm working at Starbucks, I'm a little more aware of the rumors that float around. A friend of mine sent me a forwarded email about a Marine Sgt who was refused service because "Starbucks doesn't support the war", and the email was calling for a boycott of the coffee chain. I visited Snopes, which is my favorite site for the truth of urban legends, and found the truth about it.

...I love Snopes. I have added the link to my Truth Detectors section on the side there. Check it out.

...concerning American Idol, check this story out from Entertainment Weekly: What's up with the rumor that Paula, Simon, and Randy never actually went to Austin? Apparently, it's true: ''The judges never came to Austin because of our influx of Katrina and Rita evacuees. Instead, the Austin auditioners were flown to San Francisco, where they sang for the star judges,'' writes Diane Holloway of the Austin American-Statesman. The show was then edited to make it look like it was filmed in the Lone Star State. IS THERE NO TRUTH ANYMORE???

...I think I've finally entered the I'm Obsessed with Kelly Clarkson phase. Her song "Breakaway" came on the radio last night, and I didn't turn it. I don't like that song. Very few people have entered the "Don't Turn the Dial When They Come On" Pantheon of Musical Artists. As a matter of fact, I can't think of a single one. Besides Kelly, of course.

...had lunch a few days ago with a friend from NBC13. She said that Ken Lass & Wendy Garner are doing well, after leaving the station. Its good when good things happen to good people.

And now, a few things that I'm wondering..., Kanye West is on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a crown of thorns, imitating Jesus. Can you imagine what would happen if, say, tobyMac dressed up like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X?

...and speaking of Mr. West, what if he had come out and praised W for the job he's doing? Don't you think they media would be all over him for being a sell-out and untalented?

...if the media is so willing to crucify James Frey for making stuff up in his memoir "A Million Little Pieces", shouldn't they be willing to crucify themselves over the crap they make up? it just me or is Green Day completely
overrated? When they sing "Wake Me When September Ends", Billie Armstrong sounds like he's got an M&M stuck in each nostril, and is suffering from a nasty case of the whooping cough. Weren't they better when they were just silly and fun, not political and ignorant?

...when all those people who can't sing on
American Idol walk out and says things like, "Oh, I'm gonna be a star, and you gonna be sorry you didn't sign me...", how come I've never seen or heard of any of them again?

...I just saw a fat guy with a shirt that says "
Beat Anorexia." Isn't that funny?

...we give out used coffee grounds at work to customers for free, to use on their gardens. One guy put some on our coffee plant. Isnt that like cannabalism? you really think that Gavin Rossdale actually listens to his wife's music? "Uh, B-A... N-A-N... A-S... um... uh... that's great honey... I guess A-P-P-L-E didnt fit, huh?"

...can you not see Avril Lavigne as 2005's Nelly Furtado? A few hit songs, a whiny voice and a presence which ended up lasting MUCH longer than it should have... then never heard from again. In fact, I couldn't even find a working webpage for Nelly to link to. Is it me?

...where the crap is Jennifer Knapp? the end of Independence Day, when they finally bring down the ships, wouldn't that signify only that the battle has turned in favor of Earth? I mean, consider the fact these ships are 2 miles across, and as they crash and burn, either there are going to be a lot of surviving aliens that are going to be really, really mad, or a lot of dead and decaying alien bodies carrying alot of disease, some of which we probably have never experienced before.

...surely now that Ray Charles passed in 2004, Stevie Wonder is secretly excited that he is now the last blind living legend. Besides Ronnie Milsap, that is.


  1. Really, WHERE IS SHE? And now they're releasing a new LIVE! album from shows in 2001. Her old guitar player is producing this, and I don't understand how she could go without being in some sort of production role, but it's true. Just...sadness.

    But that website is back up. And she has nothing to do with it. Just this producer/guitar guy who popped out of nowhere.

  2. I've heard everything from "she came out" to "she's in rehab" to "she's on sabbatical". wish I knew.


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