Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reality Check -- AI's 24 and Misty Gets Booted

So, the final 24 of American Idol are set.. and Dave's Big Four--Kellie Pickler, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtery--all made the cut... next week is the first performance for the women, when they'll cut them out two at a time per week, and also the first performance for the men, when they'll do the same thing.

Here's my Top 12 Girls:
12... Kinnik Sky, 28, from Duluth, GA. Who?
11... Brenna Gethers, 25, Mt Vernon, NY. She admits to owning Hoobastank's "The Reason". Punt her. She really annoyed me in her auditions and in Hollywood too... very diva-esque.
10, 9, 8 and 7... Becky O'Donohue, Heather Cox, Melissa McGhee and Stevie Scott. Who, who, who and who?
6... Paris Bennett, 17, Fayetteville, GA. She really annoys me. She sounds like Billie Holiday, though, which will probably carry her to the finals.
5... Mandisa, 29, Antioch, TN. She impressed the heck out of me with basically sharing Christ with Simon on Wednesday night's episode. Very Frenchie sounding too, which is a good thing.
4... Ayla Brown, 17, Wrentham, MA. She's tall enough to scare me. Good voice, good work ethic with playing ball and being on Idol at the same time.
3... Lisa Turtle, 16, Anaheim, CA. Shocking that we haven't seen Screech right there with her. I just want to have Paris Bennett's Billie Holiday sound, and darn it, she'd be #1 I think.
2... Katharine McPhee, 21, Los Angeles, CA. Her mom was a voice teacher, which means she's had some proper training. She's cute but not too cute--which means she can't rely on her looks to make it through.
1... Kellie Pickler, 19, Albemarle, NC. Love this chick! Love her twank, she's got an awesome voice, and her resemblance to Carrie Underwood is only helping me like her more. With dad in prison, what a story.
Dave's Prediction for the Top Six Finalists: Paris, Lisa Turtle, Katharine McPhee, Pickler, Mandisa and either Brenna (because she's just annoying enough to make it), Becky or Heather (only because either are pretty hot)

And here are the Top 12 Guys:
12... Sway, 28, San Fran. You're kidding, right?
11... Bucky Covington, 28, Rockingham, NC. He just seems like a guy I've seen on Cops before, wearing a wifebeater and cursing at police while whizzing in the yard.
10... Bobby Bennett, 19, Denver, CO. He reminds me too much of Scott Savol, who I could not stand, but he's got a Bob Guiney sense of humor, which I like. He could grow on me--if he lasts.
9... Anthony Fedorov Part II, 16, Levittown, NY. He's like one Italian gene away from being Vinnie on Doogie Howser.
8, 7, 6 and 5... David Radford, Elliott Yamin, Patrick Hall and John Peter Lewis Version 2.0. Can YOU tell them apart right now? I didn't think so.
4... Ace Young, 25, Denver, Co. He'll do well because he's so dashing. Steph loves him.
3... Gedeon McKinney, 17, Memphis. A very Charles Grigsby look about him, with young Anwar hari. I like him, though. He might do well.
2... Chris Daughtry, 26, McLeansville, NC. This guy rocks. I love the fact he married a woman with kids, and she was all crying because she was so proud...
1... Taylor Hicks, 29, The Ham, Al. Taylor is my boy! He, unlike Bo, seems like the kind of guy that I would love to just hang out with, watch some football and lament on chicks and movies. This guy rules.
Dave's Predictions for the Final Six Guys: Taylor, Chris, Gedeon, Ace, Bobby Bennett (because there's always one) and Anthony Fedorov Part II (because there's always another)

On Survivor tonight, I'm finally getting a sense of who these people are-sort of. Freak of the Week Shane was still all hot and bothered, going crazy over a stump he declared his "thinking seat". At first, it looked to be in jest, but he went on and on, yelling more and more. Courtney was definately not a fan...

As winner of the reward challenge, La Mina picked Bruce Miyagi to go back to Exile Island and spend another night there. Since they showed us very little of his time there, it would not shock me if he found the idol.

Bruce comes back for the immunity challenge, which was flippin' awesome, as the editors worked overtime to blur out body parts falling all over the place. They put bags in the sand, and teams went mano-a-mano to find them--I dont know what Jeff was doing, but it took over half the challenge for him to yell out "hey, no choking or kicking!". Where ya been, Jeff? For the Misty/Danielle rumble, I swear all we needed was some mud.

Casaya takes it, leaving La Mina going to tribal. My girl Sally and Misty worked overtime on Austin and Nick, swaying their vote to the Crypt Keeper... but in the end, Misty says so long to Survivor.

If you are keeping score at home, and I know you are, here's how our annual Survivor game is going... Michael, Ashley, Steph and myself all have teams of four... once all your team have been voted out, you're out. Mikey and I both have full teams, with Mikey having Sally, Ruth Marie, Austin and Bruce Miyagi, and my having Courtney, Cirie, Bobby and Freak Shane. Steph has Danielle, Nick and Dan, having already lost Melinda last week. Ashley has Eros and Terry, losing Tina the first week and Misty tonight.

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