Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dave's Reality Check III: The Results

In watching a taped show of the girls (from Tuesday) and guys (from Wednesday), I just finished, and then turned it onto Fox 6 to see the results show. Good for me, I missed that hokey song they always do as a group.

7:10pm... Now they are showing the "road to the stage" clip segment... so we'll see what happens now.

7:15pm... Loved Pickler, loved Chris Daughtry, enjoyed Hispanic Bachelor Bob (though if he goes, I won't lose sleep over it) and I thought Gedeon was pretty good. My boy Taylor came through, as did My Girl McPhee. Lisa Turtle was really good, too, and so was Mandisa--Kinnik was good, but again, I won't lose sleep if she loses either.

7:17pm... don't want to like Paris, don't want to like Paris, don't want to like Paris...

7:18pm... Ryan is ready to chunk one of the chicks. Least number of votes. Mandisa is standing. Pickler is up. Paris is up. Ayla is up. Lisa Turtle is up. My Girl Katie McPhee is up. They are all safe--duh, I knew that. The moment that Pickler and My Girl McPhee were in the same line, of course they were safe (at least for this time).

7:19pm... Going over the front row. All the chicks I could lose are there. Heather, Stevie and Melissa are safe. (I thought Stevie would go, almost definately). Brenna, Becky and Kinnik are left. One will stay. The other two will go home.

7:20pm... I call it right now... Brenna goes home. If there is hope in this world, besides Jesus, its that Brenna will go home.

7:24pm... Out of the three, I like Becky the most, but Kinnik sang the best. Ryan is rehashing the judges comments. Kinnik... sits. Brenna and Becky are left. One will go home. CRAP! BECKY IS GOING HOME! Not that I loved Becky, but that means Brenna is staying! Crap!

By the way, this story surfaced in the last day or so, but I don't think she's out because of it. It was the rendition of "Because the Night". And to protect your thought life, I'm not going to link to the pics. Sorry.

7:34pm... Time to get rid of a guy.

7:35pm... Anthony Federov Part II just macked. The American Idol Chicken Little just got his mack on. I love this country.

7:36pm... Bucky, Patrick, John Stevens 2, Gedeon, Will, Taylor... all safe. Again, duh. Front row, Ace and Elliott are safe. Chris, Anthony Federov Part II just sat down, safely. Leaving Sway and Hispanic Bob the Bachelor. And who's going home? I don't care, honestly. Neither will make it to the final 12.

7:38pm... Bobby Bennett is going home.

7:46pm... Back row is safe--no one moved, so again, I say duh. Brenna is safe. (crap). Kinnik is safe. Melissa McGhee is safe. And Stevie and Heather? Who goes home? Who cares.

7:47pm... In a very mean fashion, Stevie Sticks is going home.

7:55pm... Seacrest is ready to dump another guy. The one with the 2nd lowest number. Sway, Federov Part II, Ace and Daughtry are safe.

7:56pm... Bucky and Patrick have been reviewed. Gedeon, Taylor, JPL V2.0 and the other guy are safe. So Bucky and Patrick... one goes home. And its Patrick. So Bucky stays. Weird.

That's the night. I'll have Survivor updates tomorrow.

Dollar Out.

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