Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Deuce Weekly Returns

It's here.

On February 19th, 2001, I sat down in front of the computer I worked on, on the third floor of Saks Incorporated's Parisian Buying office over 7500 Industrial Drive. I typed out the following addresses and names from memory into an email:

David Dollar 'david_dollar'; 'Lupe618' (Ginger Thomas); 'jkpsmile' (Jennifer Pritchett); 'jfberthon' (Jill Berthon); 'Litlman16' (Matt Latta); 'brazzma' (Meredith Brazell); '' (Meredith Quintana); 'Chelle0831' (Rachelle Thomas); 'RossManSF' (Ross Kingrey); 'kawlalove' (Sarah Hasha); 'slcampbe' (Stephanie Campbell); '' (Stephanie Nipp); 'lnipp' (Lynn Nipp); 'drj711' (Justin Glenn); 'lucy913' (Dana Mitchell); 'GuitarGuy25' (Brad Latta); 'sybil' (Sybil Johnson); 'ntcoffey' (Ty Coffey); 'CoachFuly' (The Wookiee); 'jessic5384' (Jessica Caldwell); 'DivAmy' (Amy Anderson); 'beccamos' (Amy Valdmanis); 'clberthon' (Cheryl Berthon); 'powelld' (Daniel Powell); 'dmo1' (David Mark Osborne); 'reddvl777' (Stephanie Crook); 'TIDE1AMY' (Amy Wible; 'lbeauty17' (Leslie Cordell); 'alil6' (Alison Lecroy); 'bigslam22' (Amanda Abbott); aldennistx' (Amy Dennis); 'jessielou21' (Jessica Caldwell); 'mockron' (Rona Mock); 'aubiti7' (Nikki Brown); 'culpelb' (Brook Culpepper); 'Wendy.j.brobst' (Wendy Brobst); 'hpkhill' (Hillary Kelly); 'nhtutor' (Nathan Tutor); 'justinsmith52' (Justin Smith); tmjohn (tom); shawngalensharp (shawn sharp); nubjubjr (Mikey)

Subject line?

"The Deuce Weekly 2/20"

And thus it began.

To see the rest, travel over to The Deuce Weekly blogpage, and check it every week for the next edition, each debuting five years from its original date.

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