Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Road To the Finals Begins

Its the dudes!  Its the guys!  Its the Top 12 Guys, chosen by 3 industry icons, gone through grueling auditions one after the other, and now Seacrusty tells us, "Its all up to you (me?!)... only FIVE make it through to the American Idols Finals!"




So, I guess with only five guys, and I'm assuming five girls, making it through, there will probably be 2 wild card additions from the judges or some other method.  Tomorrow the girls sing, and on Thursday, they announce those Top Five dudes and chicks.

Then, as Seacrusty tells us, the judges will add their own Wild Card picks... which might even mean a Top 13 for the Finals.  You follow? 

The Lovely Steph Leann comments on the fact that Steven Tyler is wearing a silky shirt with lips all over it.  No, seriously, the pattern is a pic of a pair of what looks like woman's lips, and its all over the shirt. I'd wear that shirt.

And in the lineup, Seacrusty announces the boys, and it looks like Casey Abrams has the Pimp Spot, that being the final spot, and its good because when you start voting, you have that Pimp Spot performance fresh in your memory.

Clint Junbug is up first, though, singing some Stevie Wonder.  Seacrusty tells us that they can pick whatever song they choose to sing this week.  "Superstition" is what is being hollered at us right now, though.  Not bad, though his Harry Potter glasses kind of annoy men.

Uncle Steven says it was brilliant.  J-Lo loved how Junbug "got it out tonight!".  Randy the Dawg loved it too. 

Here is Jovany the Latin Lover, who showed his abs to J-Lo in an early show, and with the music coming, I can tell what he's doing... "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.   Jovany the Latin Lover sounds pretty good, but its just... well, boring.  Not a fan of Junbug, but at least he showed flair and pizzazz on stage.  Did I just use Pizzazz? 

Uncle Steven Tyler yells out, "Holy Shipyard!" (a reference to the shipyards that Jovany the Latin Lover worked in).  J-Lo loved it.  Randy the Dawg says what we are thinking... and this is where Randy the Dawg's experience on Idol comes in, by saying, "It was just okay.  Very karaoke."

Jordon Dorsey is next.  JoDo turns his song into a performance, by singing and tossing off his jacket--The Lovely Steph Leann yells, "Wait a minute!  This isn't Strip Idol!"  I've heard this song but I can't remember the name, or anything other than it samples "Love You Down" by The Surface from the late 80s.  Wait... wait... Usher's "OMG"...

JoDo gets a little crazy onstage... Uncle Steven says, "It wasn't my favorite performance from you." J-Lo didn't like it either, calling him the soft R&B guy who didn't show his self tonight.  Randy the Dawg tells JoDo what he told Jovany the Latin Lover... if you are going to sing a cover, you need to bring something new to the song.   JoDo said, "Its not me, it wasn't me," which makes me say, "Dude?!  You have your choice of any song!  Why didn't you pick the song that IS you?"

Now, let's meet Tim Halperin, which might be the first time for many people, because we barely saw this guy in the 35 episodes leading up to this show.  I don't even have a nickname for the guy yet.  He's got a very Michael Buble-esque type of voice.  He's singing "Come On Over", and though I'm not a huge fan of the song, even the original, I do like his voice.  But I think Tim Halperin is going to get lost in the shuffle of the Idol names that we all know by now, and will be a victim of Idol's editing process. 

But I liked it.   Uncle Steven said, "I don't know if that song did you any justice..."  J-Lo didn't care for the song choice, even though she thought he did a good job on the song.  Randy the Dawg thought Tim Halperin has been better.

Brett the Red has The Lovely Steph Leann as a fan.  I personally think he's a little flaky for my tastes.  And what does he choose to do?  "Light My Fire" by The Doors.  Seriously?  He's dressed in a funky colored vest and has about eight necklaces and pendants draped around his neck. 

Steven Tyler loved it.  J-Lo loved it.  Randy the Dawg thought the vocals were iffy, but liked the boldness and fun of his performance.  I thought it was flaky.

So, my thoughts so far?  You are in a pool of 11 other guys.  You have one single shot, a span of about three minutes, to make five spots.  You have been given the choice to sing just about any song you want--within reason, it is all what Idol has rights too, but after nine seasons, I'm guessing they have the rights to hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of songs as artists have opened up their own catalogs.  So pick whatever song you can do the best.  Pick whatever song that you can sing the best, and can have the most fun in. 

Seriously. I should be an Idol mentor.  No, I can't sing worth a poopy, but I can tell them what works and what doesn't. 

Now its time for James "The Straight Adam Lambert" Durbin.   I'm still trying to figure out why The Straight Adam Lambert wears a tail.  Like, a piece of fabric or something hanging from the back of his jeans.   He is singing "You Got Another Think Coming"... I guess that is what the song is.  You can also call it "Song That Will Let James Wail".   The song ends, and the audience erupts. 

Uncle Stevie says it was crazy good, and identifies the song as "the first Judas Priest song ever on the show".  J-Lo  thought he was so natural and so great.  Randy the Dawg said, "This is how you do it!  Right here!  Right here!  Everybody over there (pointing to the other guys) that's how you do it!" 

The Straight Adam Lambert plays up to the audience with Seacrusty, and almost punches his ticket into the Top 12.

And now is one of The Lovely Steph Leann's favorites, Robbie Rosen, though I'm wondering if he gets a spot, and his nose gets another.  Maybe his nose will be a Wild Card selection.  Oh come on, you were thinking it.

So, I am thrust into boredom immediately as he starts with, "...spend all your time waiting... for that second chance..."  Don't get me wrong.  I love love lurve Sarah McLachlan, she's one of my Top Ten Favorite Artists of All Time, Like, Ever, but "Angel" is a song that I just can't stand.  Its not even that I can't stand it, its that I'm apathetic towards it.   I'm typing all this so as not to fall asleep as Robbie Ro finishes. 

Uncle Stevie thought the ballad was beautiful.  J-Lo thought Robbie Ro told a story just then.  Randy the Dawg thought it wasn't a good performance, and pitchy, and didn't look like Robbie Ro was comfortable.

Deep Voiced Scotty is singing now, and for a second, I kinda wondered if we'd hear, "Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..."  We don't.  We hear, instead, a soft country tune that I don't know, but I think its called "A Letter From Home."

I know America won't completely agree with me, but I really like this guy's voice.  I don't know how far he'll make it on Idol, but I can really see country radio snatching this guy up and giving him a record deal.  His voice was made for Country Radio.

Uncle Stevie said it was the perfect song for The Deep Voiced Scotty, and it was great.  J-Lo said he was born to sing country music.  Randy the Dawg thought it was so great that he's a throwback country song, and not trying to be a cross over or anything. 

Up now, its Stefano Italiano, who was told in auditions by J-Lo, "your hot, I love you."  Can't beat that.  He starts out with "Just the Way You Are", the one by Bruno Mars, and to me, it was a great song and a great fit. 

Uncle Stevie thought it was great.  J-Lo thought it was consistantly great.   Randy the Dawg says, "you had us all up here thinking we were at a concert for you!"  I agree, it sounded great. 

Now, like Tim Halperin, its another guy who we don't know much about... Pauly McDonald is doing "Maggie May", and he's got this unique voice.   And... I can't decide if I love it or hate it... The Lovely Steph Leann thinks he sounds a ton like Rod Stewart.  Pauly Mac is wriggling and shaking all over the stage, and the song is growing on me.  I love the original, by the way, so I think it just caught me so off guard...  he's like a more talented Taylor Hicks.

Uncle Stevie thought the performance was great.  J-Lo says it was full of character, and loves the smile.  Randy the Dawg loved the "Maggie May" performance, and thinks that Pauly Mac is different than anything they've had, and he loves that about Pauly Mac.  I think that was my favorite performance of the night thusfar.

And here's the Jacob Lusk... the Soulful Jacob Lusk.  Her-ca-les, Her-ca-les!! 

He's dressed to the nines, in suit and tie, and singing "A House is Not a Home", and really... this guy is so talented.   I think I've mentioned this before, but I don't know that I would buy an album from The Soulful Jacob Lusk, but I could easily pick up a song on iTunes from him that I liked.  Anyone who takes on Luther and lives is worthy of praise.

You know he's good when The Lovely Steph Leann points out how good he is, and why.

Best performance of the entire night.

Uncle Stevie thought it was unbelievable, and loved it.  J-Lo says, "Luther is gone, but you are here."  And Randy the Dawg says, "I think Luther would be so proud."  That's the late Luther Vandross, one of the heavyweights of vocals.

And finally, its Casey at the Bat, heading in the Pimp Slot.  Not only did he get the Pimp, he got the Pimp Solo spot... as in, after #11 (The Soulful Jacob Lusk sang) they went to break, then came back to #12, Casey Abrams.

He busts out with "I Put a Spell On You", and right outta the gate, he's owning it.  I was wondering how he'd do without his big bass, but he's doing just fine.  Fantastic even.  And like I thought before the show even started, he is giving the new best peformance of the night, with a James Durbin wail of his own. 

The Lovely Steph Leann nods her head, gives a thumbs up to the TV and simply says, "Mmm hmm."

Uncle Stevie says it was out of his mind crazy good.  J-Lo says, "Your sexy, Casey", to which Casey yells "YES!"  J-Lo channels her inner Paula Abdul by saying, "You just ate it up!" then makes slurping sounds and waves her arms around.  Randy the Dawg said, "As good as it gets." 

So, there are your Top 12 Dudes.

Here is how I rank the guys, for me personally... Casey Abrams... The Soulful Jacob Lusk... Pauly Mac... The Deep Voiced Scotty... Stefano Italiano... The Straight Adam Lambert.... Junbug... Tim Halperin... Robbie Ro... Jovany the Latin Lover... Brett the Redd... JoDo

Now, I think locks to make it to the Top Five are Casey Abrams, The Soulful Jacob Lusk and The Straight Adam Lambert.   I think that Pauly Mac really made a strong case tonight, as did Deep Voiced Scotty.   However, I have a feeling that Junbug will make it, either by this show or as a wild card.  Tim Halperin, JoDo, Jovany the Latin Lover are out, and I don't know that Brett the Red, Robbie Ro or Stefano Italiano will make it, based on tonight.

Check back here tomorrow night for The Chicks!

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