Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Chicks Have It... And Results! Your Finalists Chosen!!


Last night, the Top 12 guys stormed through, and some made themselves front runners (Casey Abrams, The Soulful Jacob Lusk), some killing their chances altogether (JoDo?  That Tim Guy?)... but tonight, the chicks are doing their thing.
Out of the 12 chicks, only five will make the Finals, and perhaps one, perhaps not, will be chosen as a "Wild Card". 

J-Lo?  I'm not usually into Jennifer Lopez, but tonight?   Smokin'. 


These chicks have to move and sing, because they have to be good enough to be one of the five best.   As Uncle Steven Tyler gives us this sentiment, The Lovely Steph Leann tells me, "He's a very... interesting individual."

We see the girls altogether onstage, and amazingly, the Pimp Spot, the final spot, goes to Pizza Tuscrato... Weird.

Alright, kicking things off tonight is TaTa Wilson, and she comes right on out with the soul  Interestingly enough, her name is Ta-Tynisa.  For whatever reason, they added the " - " to her name, because that " - " stuck between the "ta" and the "tynisa" was not there in the earlier rounds. 

Steven loved the song, J-Lo loved the song and Randy the Dawg thought it was just okay. I don't even know what the song was, to be honest.  Rhianna's "Only Girl in the World"?  I dunno.  I'm so out of touch with what's popular right now, cause I'm  to into podcasts and audiobooks. 

Seacrusty says, "She was moving the crowd!" and Randy the Dawg says, "I was the part of the crowd that wasn't moved."  And Seacrusty comes back with, "It takes alot to move you..."

Now its Noxema Agrabshowbow, with her interesting yellow dress that looks like Lady Gaga and a Chinese gown mated.  And she is going brave, because she's doing "Summertime" from Porgy & Bess, which is one of those "untouchable" songs... Fantasia did this song back in Season Two, and though it wasn't something I dug too much, Idol critics declare it one of the top two or three Idol performances ever. 

Gotta say, I'm just not a fan of Nameia.  I don't find her that attractive, I don't find her interesting, and her sound is... well, boring.  She can sing well enough, but she does nothing for me.  And she has Elliott Yamine teeth, before the grill work.

J-Lo loved the song.  Randy the Dawg compares it to Fantasia, like I knew he would, and liked the way she acted it out, but didn't think it was great over all.  Creepy Cool Uncle Steven thinks she sounds like early Ella Fitzgerald.

Before she was selling bathtubs.  Now?  Kendra Chantelle is performing on the Idol stage.  She struts out in black leather that fits really tight and stilletos that are really tall.  She could kill someone with those things.  Kendra is again singing a song I don't know that well, something about "Its Impossible" or whatever.  I do like her though.  Maybe its the leather.

Randy the Dawg said he thought he was worried when Kendra was singing a Christina (Aguilera?) song, and loved it.  Creepy Cool Uncle Steven thought the whole thing was hot. J-Lo thinks Kendra has heart, and that she belongs here.

Back from break, Rachel Zevita has tried and auditioned over and over and over and over (thats four times, by the way).  So now, Ra'Ze has her moment.  She slinks around the mic, tosses off her shawl and is left in a tiny little beaded red and black dress.  Her voice is very sultry, and she is taking on Fiona Apple's "Criminal", and I like it because its her own version.   Seriously, I can't believe I dig this as much as I do.

Wow. Ra'Ze might have almost just won me over.  Steven Tyler thought the song was a bit too Broadway, but loved the moves and style.  J-Lo (who now that I'm looking closer I can take back the "smokin'" remark) wished she could seen something more, and Randy the Dawg didn't like it either. 

Really?  Its one of those "be more original!" and when you are, "we don't like it!" kinda thing.

Karen Rodriguez is this season's Latina Lover.  And The Lovely Steph Leann just groans when K-Rod starts out with "There's a hero..."  The Lovely Steph Leann just moans, "I hate this song."   We both notice that K-Rod is noticing that she is singing Mariah's version, exactly, just throwing some Spanish in the middle. 

And I would prefer Mariah's version.  Yes, K-Rod has the vocals, but the song is boring.   Her mom, who may or may not be legal, is in the audience applauding.   Mom-Rod is excited.

J-Lo ways, "Wow!" over and over.  Randy the Dawg loved it.   Steven Tyler thought it was a great performance, even suggesting that K-Rod and The Soulful Jacob Lusk get together.

Lauren Turner is next.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "She has a fun voice.  I hope she does something good."  And Lauren Turner is doing a song that, once again, I'm not familiar with.  I gotta start listening to 103.7 The Q more often.   Also not sure that Lauren Turner should be wearing that short of a dress. 

Always makes me wonder if the background singers ever want to break out and do something on their own.  Its obvious they can sing, otherwise how would they land the gig backing up five to ten performances a week? 

The song was interesting.  Randy the Dawg says, "That's how you do it!"  Steven Tyler thinks it was "spectacular".  J-Lo thinks Lauren Turner's voice is "undeniable". 

Ashthon Jones's turn.  I really like this girl, and she starts with... oh, I dunno.  Beyonce?  Alicia?  Rhianna?  Who knows.  Whatever it is, she's tearing it up, giving the song personality, having fun, getting into it, which is awesome.  I dig me some Ashthon.

Steven Tyler loved it.  J-Lo loved it, saying, "you have all the makings of a diva."  Randy the Dawg liked it quite a bit too.  He didn't love the song, but thought she did a cool job with it.  And its a Monica song, by the way. 

Seacrusty tells us "after the break, some Kelll Clarkson and Alicia Keys!"  This might be awesome.  Or awful.

My fave chick, Julie Zorilla starts with "Breakaway", a song that I could really do without.  Strangely enough, she has one of the more modest, calm outfits of the night.  I tell The Lovely Steph Leann, "I never liked this song much.  And not her version either."  And she says, "I really liked her.  Why oh why did she do this song?"  The camera shows the judges, and she says, "I don't think they liked it either."

Oh, Julie... that was not good.  Not good at all.  And I might be looking for a new favorite chick. 

When the judges ask you "How you doing up there?" its never good.  J-Lo tries to lift her up, saying it was okay.  Randy the Dawg says, "You didn't bring anything different to it, and didn't sing it nearly as good."  Steven Tyler thought the chorus was great, but the song was a bad choice.

Here is Haley Reinhart, doing Alicia Keys' "Fallin".  And for a pasty white chick, she starts strong.  And I'm a little surprised about how good this song sounds from Haley.  Both of us are really liking her performance, and usually, no one can do "Fallin'" correctly.

Randy the Dawg didn't think she did anything new with it.  Steven Tyler disagreed completely, and loved the rasp and sexiness.  J-Lo agrees with Uncle Steven. 

So now, 15 year old Thiamegia has her shot at glory.  And she starts out with... a ballad?  Really?  Can no one sing anything faster?   The Lovely Steph Leann and I have no clue what that song even was, but we both think she did an excellent job at it.

Steven Tyler loved it.  J-Lo loved it.  Randy the Dawg loved it, saying the tone was perfect. 

The teens continue, with 16 year old Lauren Alaina.  And we expect nothing less than something like a Reba McEntire song, and we get Reba's "Turn on the Radio".  By the way, Lauren Turner, this is how a girl with some curves should dress... not a tiny little skirt, but some great jeans and a hot top. 

Love me some Lauren Alaina, even though I wasn't fond of the song.   The Lovely Steph Leann says, "I liked Lauren's version better, to be honest." 

J-Lo loved it.  Randy the Dawg says she has a natural talent, and doesn't think Lauren even realizes how good she it, with a Kelly Clarkson crossed with Carrie Underwood kind of sound (huge compliment).   Steven Tyler loved it.   And when Seacrusty comes up, Lauren Alaina calls him "Peaches". 

And what's this girls name?  Peepee Tuscany?   Either way, she's taking on "I'll Stand By You" from The Pretenders.   And as Pia sings, she moves her arms up and down, and The Lovely Steph Leann is yelling, "Stop moving your arms!  Stop!  It looks like you are swimming!" 

I'm bored.

The Lovely Steph Leann then gives me a lesson in saying, "you know, all these chicks are singing, and I see how they want to do that high note, but if you aren't building to that, then you shouldn't do that note.  You don't want to sing down here, then SING UP HERE ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!!!"   I am amused by her.

The judges freaking love Peepee Tuscany. 

Okay, so my money, here's who I liked, in order... Lauren Alaina... Peepee Tuscany... Haley... Ashthon... Thiamegia... Ra'Ze... Kendra... Lauren Turner... Julie Z... K-Rod... TaTa... Naboo Alahwapopo...

But here's how I think it will shake out... I think Lauren Alaina, Thiamegia and Nameia Adeleoepo are locks.  I think Peepee Tuscany and Ashthon might take those other two spots, but Kendra and Haley are right there too.  I think Ra'Ze and TaTa don't have a chance.  Unsure about K-Rod, and Julie Zorilla might have built up enough credit from her previous awesomeness to get in, or at least be a Wild Card pick. 

Got two meetings Thursday night, so I'll probably just mention the Top Ten and the Wild Card picks as an addition to this posting... check here Friday morning for Semi-Final wrap up thoughts...


So... its the largest cut Idol has ever made on this stage of the competition... and thankfully we have DVR so we can fast forward through all the crap and all the videos and all the other stuff that no one really cares about.  And that the Idols themselves probably don't want to do, but won't say it.

Seacrusty tells us that something like 44 billion people voted last night, and then reminds us this will be an emotional two hour show... The Lovely Steph Leann screams, "TWO HOURS?  WHAT THE CRAP ARE THEY GOING TO DO FOR TWO DOGGONE HOURS???"

Back from break, we see the play-by-play on the guys, and we get a rundown on how they did.  Of course, you as the Clouds reader, know exactly what happened, cause you read it all... and thank you for reading.

So out of the 12 guys and 12 girls, there will be five of each that will be kept.  That leaves 14 people going home... but Randy the Dawg tells us out of those 14, they will determine which of those they will ask to sing for a Wild Card Spot.  We don't know if they have two Wild Cards, or each judge gets one making it three Wild Cards, or they might choose up to three, but they will only choose one if they feel only one deserves it... talk about drama.  Man, I love this stuff.

Nobody wants to go home!  But Seacrusty says, for the first time this season, "Dim the lights!"

First up, Robbie Ro, Robbie Ro's Nose, All 46 of Robbie Ro's teeth and Deep Voiced Scotty come up together, while Seacrusty holds the Card of Fate in his hands.  There is a couch on the side of the stage that those who make it will go sit on... The Couch of Destiny.

America voted... and they decided that Deep Voiced Scotty is in the Top Ten!  He goes off stage and has a seat on The Couch of Destiny. 

Robbie Ro, his nose and the 46 teeth?  They have not made it, and they go to the Stilver Stools of Failure, hoping for a Wild Card Spot. 

Next up is Junbug, JoDo and Jovany the Latin Lover.   Junbug is up first, glaring through his Harry Potter specs.  His lip is twitching, and right after I say, "He looks like he's about to cry!" he starts tearing up a little.  Seacrusty asks JoDo what he would have done differently, and JoDo declares, "Pick another song!"

They get to Jovany the Latin Lover and The Lovely Steph Leann comments, "Dude, not a fan of your facial hair.  The Wolverine Hair doesn't work for me." 

The results?  JoDo and Junbug are not in the Top Ten.  And neither did Jovany the Latin Lover... but now, I can say I WAS RIGHT!  America does not forgive Clint Junbug Gamboa for what he did to Chunky Beiber.  I called it.

And now, we cut to the chicks... Seacrusty walks over, and after some time filling banter and a "how we got here" video, we now Dim the Lights. 

He asks Peepee Tuscany and Lauren Alaina to come centerstage... The Lovely Steph Leann groans, in fear that one of them won't make it.  I remind her that perhaps they will both make it.  After the nationwide vote, Lauren Alaina makes the Top Ten.   Now, its Peepee Tuscany's turn... and she is also in the Top Ten.  They both head to The Couch of Destiny.

So, as happy as the chicks are for Lauren and Peepee, that's two spots gone.  Up next is TaTa Wilson and Julie Z... and both The Lovely Steph Leann and I are guessing that neither one of them will make it.  The results?  TaTa doesn't make it, and she heads back to the Silver Stools of Failure.  Then Julie Z does the same, as she doesn't make it.

After the break... Dim the Lights!  Kendra, Ashthon and K-Rod come down.  Let me tell ya, HD does nothing for Ashthon Jones... I am wondering if she might end up as a ProActiv model.  Just sayin'. 

After the results... Ashthon does not make the Top Ten, and heads back to the Silver Stools of Failure.  Out of the other two, K-Rod makes the Top Ten, Kendra does not.  The Lovely Steph Leann yells, "Suck it!  I don't like her! She's is boring!!!"

Back to the guys... Casey Abrams, The Soulful Jacob Lusk and some guy named Tim are called down by Seacrusty.  After the nationwide vote and 44 billion people, The Soulful Jacob Lusk makes it.  And then begins to fall apart, dance all over stage and claps.  Her-ca-les!  Her-ca-les!

One of the remaining two are in the Top Ten, one is not, and when Seacrusty says this, you can see the look on Tim's (whoever he is) face, and he knows... Casey Abrams heads to The Couch of Destiny.

Back to the chicks, and we see Lauren Turner, Thiamegia and Naboo Adacracpo.  Thiamegia is already crying, and can barely talk when Seacrusty talks to her.  After the vote, only one of them will make it... Nemiaha Alahbobpo doesn't make it.  Lauren Turner doesn't make it.  Thiamegia heads to The Couch of Safety.

Pauly Mac and Brett the Red come down, Pauly Mac wearing a jacket that Porter Waggoner would love.  And he's got really, really white teeth.  One of these guys has made it into the Top Ten... and that person is... Pauly Mac!  Whew... I really am annoyed by Brett the Red, and he heads to the Silver Stools of Failure. 

Seacrusty is on a roll!  He calls for Haley Reinhart and Ra'Ze, and with one spot left, I'm pretty doggone sure that Haley is headed to the Top Ten, and Ra'Ze is going home.  Was I right?  Yup.  Haley Reinhart gets that final spot on The Couch of Destiny, while Rachel Zevita joins the other losers on The Silver Stools of Failure.

And finally... The Straight Adam Lambert and Stefano Italiano are left, and again, I'm guessing that James Durbin makes it.  One spot left in the Top Ten for the guys, and after the vote, The Straight Adam Lambert takes his seat on The Couch of Destiny. 

So now, we have our Top Ten.  Haley, Pauly Mac, The Soulful Jacob Lusk, The Straight Adam Lambert, K-Rod, Thiamegia, Casey, Deep Voiced Scotty, Peepee Tuscany and Lauren Alaina. 

Now, its the Wild Card Competition.  Seven chicks and seven guys, and the judges will pick just a few to sing again, singing for their lives.  J-Lo, Randy the Dawg and Steven Tyler will then choose who they want.  Only six will get to sing, three guys and three girls... so even though everyone practiced their song with a band earlier today, Seacrusty points out that not everyone left will even get a chance at this.

Ashthon Jones is asked to sing, and she has chosen "And I Am Telling You That I Am Not Going"...  and the diva voice comes out strong, and she wails it out.   Creepy Cool Uncle Steven says she brought it, J-Lo says she felt the passion and Randy the Dawg loves the attitude.

Next up, Stefano Italiano is called upon to sing.  He sings, "I Need You Now" by who I think is Smokey Norfull, but I immediately thought of Sherriff's, "I need you noooooow... more than words can say, I need you noooooow.... I gotta find a waaaaay..."  (or was that Alias?)

Whattever the song is, it sounded great.  Randy the Dawg thought it was a great song, J-Lo is shaking and Steven Tyler says he guilded the lily of his own passion.  I don't even know what that means but I love it.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "I think Steven Tyler has a little Paula Abdul in him..."

Kendra Chantelle is asked to sing, and The Lovely Steph Leann is excited--she wanted Kendra over K-Rod, and so did I.  Tonight, Kendra is doing "Georgia on My Mind."  And she sounds fabulous.   Randy the Dawg says, "Very nice!" and I guess we are running behind because Steven Tyler and J-Lo don't even comment.

Jovany the Latin Lover is asked to sing again, and he sings Jon Secada's "Angel."  And like K-Rod the night before, he uses the Spanish on part of the verse.  I guess he figures if it worked for her, maybe it will get him through.  The Lovely Steph Leann wanted Robbie Ro to get another shot, not Jovany the Latin Lover.  J-Lo says it was a good job, and "you did all you could do."

And the final chick gets called, that being Nemiana Agrabah, which means Lauren Turner, Julie Z, Ra'Ze and TaTa Wilson are done and go home.  Julie Z!  You blew it last night.  You blew it, and that forces me to have to come up with more ways to spell Noxema Argrabao, who is singing "For All We Know" by Donnie Hathaway.  Not a fan.  Not.  At.  All.   She even cries at the end of the song, and I yell, "Faker!  Just to get sympathy!  Faker!"   Steven Tyler loved it.

Now, back to the boys, the last chance is taken by Robbie Ro... which means Brett the Redd, Tim Whathisname, JoDo and Clint Junbug get canned and go home. 

Idol lesson... NEVER KICK SOMEONE OUT OF YOUR GROUP, especially as cute and lovable as Chunky Beiber.

Robbie Ro is singing, "Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word" by Elton John, and The Lovely Steph Leann is so pleased, as she loves this kid.  And the song sounds great.  The camera cuts to the Couch of Destiny, and several of the girls are crying. 

Out of the six "Save Yourself" performances, my choices are:  Kendra... Robbie Ro.. Stefano Italiano... Ashthon... Jovany the Latin Lover... Nevertheless Armachango.

They all come back onstage, and Seacrusty asked for the decision by the judges.  J-Lo tells him they are not ready yet, saying, "I know we are on live television, but we need a few more minutes."  Seacrusty cuts to J-Lo's new video, "On the Floor", and through the magic of DVR, we totally fast forward.

And 11 seconds later, back to the decision.  The judges have made their verdict.  And the verdict is...

...Randy the Dawg reveals that Ashthon Jones gets another shot.  J-Lo says there are two more, and Stefano Italiano is the next one chosen.  Finally, Steven Tyler says the final person is Neemabeema Alargargo gets the final spot... and I knew it.  Kendra, Robbie Ro and Jovany the Latin Lover say goodbye. 

The Lovely Steph Leann kicks the couch.  She's unhappy. 


  1. Here's my take:

    Ta-Ta. Wha? Wha?

    Noxema Agaboobo....Oh, honey, we some dentistry here and I'm sorry to break it to look more like Carmen Miranda than Erykah Badu.

    Kendra...I just can't decide here.

    RaZe - Hate her! So glad to see her go. Talk about needing a reality adjustment...Honey, you ain't all that.

    Karen - I really like her and I can't say why...she is sooo boring.

    Lauren Turner broke my heart. I love this girl and her voice. But she should pummel whoever styled her last night....whoa...

    Ashton - Hmmmm. I just don't like her. She's full of malarchy.

    I never liked Julie and she choked like no other.

    I'm undecided on Haley - not sure I like her attitude. She's got a lot of Ms. Thang going on.

    Thiamegia - I'm a FAN. That song was sung by Paul McCrane (ER, Shawshank) in the movie Fame. Awesome soundtrack BTW. Thia killed it.

    Lauren Alaina is my Numero Uno. Period. She was also wearing the outfit that Lauren Turner was supposed to wear....

    Peepee? The hairline in the middle of the forehead blocks any emotion from me...I don't understand why they thought she was so amazing. More on the boys later...

  2. Actually, I just realized I gave you BAD info!! On My Own was sung by Irene Cara in Fame. I got mixed up because I like the two songs Paul McCrane sung better - Is It Okay If I Call You Mine? And the other is Dogs In The Yard.


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