Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Bowl Baby Top Five Skinny Dippin' News

**Tune in Sunday afternoon, as the 2nd Annual Live Super Bowl Running Diary transpires**

So, you're waiting for the Top Five Coolest Things of 2006, huh?

It's coming! I promise!

I actually had every intention of finishing it up on Wednesday, but two things prevented it...

First... I got the news that my buddy Wookiee and his lovely wife Gina had a baby on Wednesday morning... born 7:40am, Austin James clocked in around 5 pounds,3 ounces, and about 19 inches and some change long.

Oh yeah, AJ was SEVEN weeks early... and still 5 lbs, 3 oz. Had Gina carried him to full term, I imagine she would have delivered a small pony. Know that Daddy Wookiee, for those of you who don't know him, is himself 6'9, and about 250. Austin is gonna be a hoss.

Secondly... there's an important bit of information that I'm lacking in order for me to do a proper write-up for the 4th coolest thing in 2006. I actually struggled with the idea of "If it's cooler than 96 other things on your list, the 4th coolest thing to happen in a whole year, shouldn't you know all about it already?", but I finally resigned that yes, this actually was cooler than Ashley Spell, John Cena in the Marine, paying off my car and 93 other things.

So, that will be completed sometime early next week. And I feel like I've gained a whole bunch of new readers because of it! In fact, I inspired my friend Erin Formerly-Coates-Before-She-Got-Married to do her own Top 100 Coolest list. Plus, I got a glowing review from NYC Jenni, which you can read right here.


As you might have read above, the plan is to take the lovely, green-eyed Ashley Spell's laptop to our annual Super Bowl watching destination, that being the home of Ken & Lynn Nipp. Like last year's diary, I just want to keep up with the afternoon & evening's happenings... so if you are around, check the page a few times for updates to see what transpires.


Completely unrelated to the Super Bowl, blogging, Wookiee, Wookiee Baby or anything else, I gotta tell you that I finished a great book today... isn't it a great feeling to finish a great book? I mean, its a sense of accomplishment, an aura of "Wow. I committed my time, and it really paid off."

Carl Hiassen's "Skinny Dip" tells the story of Joey Perrone, a lovely young woman who, at the beginning of the book, is being thrown off the side of a cruise ship by her husband Chaz. Joey, an accomplished diver (a fact that her husband forgets, which only begins to tell you how inept he is), finds herself holding onto a bale of Jamaican pot, adrift until she's picked up by Mick Stranahan, a backwoods island dwelling loner.

And of course, since she's alive and Chaz thinks she's dead, it opens up a world--or a bookfull, at least--of possibilities to make Chaz's life miserable. Hiassen's language is very coarse, but the story is hilarious. It's a light and breezy tale, one that can be read in two afternoons (like I did) and Hiassen has a way of making you like even the unlikeable characters--even Tool, the gorilla like bodyguard who became my favorite one in the story.

Its in paperback, probably cost you 8 bucks, maybe 14 for the trade, so enjoy it.

And I'll see you on Sunday for the Super Bowl... and then next week for the Top Five.

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