Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Super Bowl XLI Diary

And with that, I now bid you goodbye for the 2007 Super Bowl Diary. See you in a few days for the Top Five Coolest Things of 2006. Much love.

915pm... And finally... Peyton won the MVP. Jimmy says, "Should've been Bob Sanders" Tommy then replied, "Should've been Rex Grossman." I agree.

908pm... The discussion turns to American Idol, and how it all works. Our friend Natalie Valentine tried out a few years ago, and wasn't "what they were looking for". Don't ask me why this came up. Reminds me that Jennifer Adams isn't here tonight...

901pm... And its over. So, the Indianapolis Colts are the Super Bowl champions. The commercials weren't all that great, save for a few here or there. I still walk away with $25 to Best Buy. My wife Stephanie is hot. All the world is right.

856pm... It looks like Paula Mackey will be winning the 4th Quarter in our Super Bowl Score game. Tony Dungy just got dunked. Peyton Manning will be removed of the "Can't Win the Big One" label. Paula Maddox is still catching her breath from halftime. Ryan Sherman is kicking small children seeing his own anti-Christ, Peyton, win a ring.

844pm... So its 29 to 17, Indianapolis is on the verge of winning its first Super Bowl, and only its 2nd, since 1970. And the way our Super Bowl score game works, if the score stays the same, I would have won the 4th quarter... which is $50 to Best Buy. Good times or bad times?

836pm... Just saw a promo for "Rules of Engagement" on CBS. One guy says "I think being married is going to be great" and the other guy says "Based on what?". Mikey, Tom, Tommy and I laughed. Oh, I must mention that Mikey, Tom, Tommy and I are the only married guys in the room.

Me: Bob Sanders might get MVP
Mikey: You know they'll give it to Peyton Manning, even though he freakin' didn't do anything
Tommy: If the Colts win, they might give it to Rex Grossman

831pm... My man Bob Sanders just intercepted Rex Grossman again. I mean, honestly... Peyton Manning versus Rex Grossman? That's like Stephen Hawking versus Mikey in a quantum physics discussion. Speaking of which, I saw an interesting documentary on Stephen Hawking on National Geographic Channel the other day, about how some scientists now are disputing Hawking's findings on black holes, findings that not too long ago where untouchable and undoubtable and... where was I?

823pm... So Indy just intercepted, and ran it back for a touchdown. The play has been challenged by Chicago, though. And rightfully so, because if Indy gets this, then its a backbreaker for the Bears. Indy up 29-17

820pm... Just had a room discussion about... Marisa Tomei. The rumor back in the day was that Jack Palance, the previous year an Oscar winner for "City Slickers", called out the wrong name for Supporting Actress, rather than
Vanessa Redgrave (who, despite my hotness for Marisa back in the day, should have won for "Howard's End"). It was proven false though.

817pm... I just took the 3rd Quarter in our score contest... $25 to Best Buy, baby. That is iTunes money. Tommy just came in for a snack break... Score is still 22-17, Marvin Harrison just got nailed, Peyton got smacked, its still pouring rain...

805pm... Chicago kicked a field goal... 22-17, Colts still ahead. This is actually turning out to be a pretty darn good game.

8pm... And finally... we just saw the
K-Federline commercial. And working at Starbucks, I'm offended by that, darn it.

757pm... Emerald Nuts just had a commercial with Robert Goulet. Um... uh...

753pm... Somewhere in Birmingham, Paula Maddox is just coming around, after passing out at halftime. And the Colts just scored another FG.

Marbutt & his chick Jennifer just came in. Mikey just tossed out both Hard Rain and Deep Rising when discussing the amount of precipitation in Miami.

748pm... Okay, so might have the best commercial yet... a spot with office workers, clad in armor made of office supplies, doing battle. Hilarious. Kinda like it was at NBC.

747pm... Bad snap resulted in Rex botching the play again. Bears punt, Colts begin to pile it on.

746pm... Mikey just informed me that
National Treasure 2 comes out this year... which led me to comment, "National Treasure 2: Hunt Harder", then to continue with "National Treasure 3: Smithsonian Drift". I crack myself up. And Rex just got his Grossman handed to him, via a McFarland sack from the Colts.

740pm... Indy lost the call. And here comes Vinatieri again... he missed it earlier. This is the redeeming kick... and... it was rough, slightly bent, badly snapped, but good. Indy 19-14.

737pm... So, Indy just challenged a play, claiming there is 12 Bears on the field... but I can't really hear whats going on, because suddenly this is a talky room, not a football room. Bad times, bad times.

733pm... The Colts are up 16 to 14, halfway through the third quarter, its raining like crazy, Peyton is catching fire now, the Bears defense is rising... and the biggest attraction in the room right now is Ashleia trying to get a Jelly Belly out of Lucy, her dog's, mouth. Good times, good times.

720pm... Whew... that was... interesting. Okay, my wife is downstairs asleep on the couch, Tom and Jill are eating, Tommy and Drew are Wii'ing, Ty just came in, Mackey and the Mack-fam are there, Daniel Powell and his wife Jenn just came in, the Police are reuniting on the Grammy's, and
Survivor: Fiji is coming. Party frickin' on.

718pm... Prince,
now being a devout Jehovah's Witness, actually doesn't sing any of his dirty stuff much anymore. When told this, Mikey said, "Crap, I wanted to hear Get Off". He wasn't remotely kidding.

716pm... Big curtain behind him, shadow of Prince splashed upon it... so when he holds the guitar a certain way, it looks as if Prince is... well...

715pm... The Purple One just strapped on a guitar shaped like the aforementioned symbol. And then he launches into "Purple Rain". Somewhere in Birmingham, Paula Maddox just shrieked like she's 14 again

711pm... A college marching band is playing along... honestly, Prince or not, that's a cool gig to be playing in the band at a Prince mini-concert. Prince is now singing some ballad crap, looking like he's a black, constipated Jim Carrey... and he now actually might be singing Foo Fighters.
Me: Are you excited to be here watching Prince, Kelly (who just walked in with Ashley)
Kelly: Very

710pm... He just sang "Let's Go Crazy" and now he's onto something that I dont know... Ashleia observes "he doesn't know either... he's just making it up"... and now he's on to "Proud Mary"

710pm... We just had this exchange:
Mikey: Look how wet that stage is
Ashleia: Can you die from playing electric guitar in that?
Mikey: It would so cool if he like, died on tv

709pm... Somewhere in Birmingham,
Paula Maddox is dancing a fool.

And now its Prince. The stage is shaped like that weird symbol he called himself back in the 90s when he was feuding with Warner Brothers. And where is Sheila E, I might ask? Mikey just observed how great it would be if Prince fell off the stage since its so wet there.

657pm... and... its... NO GOOD...

655pm... Ashley just called. She's lost. Two seconds remain in the half, and Adam Vinetieri is about to kick another field goal. And.... its... a time out...

647pm... Once again, I prove prophetic... just saw the commercial for
"Wild Hogs", a movie that puts John Travolta, William H. Macy, Martin Lawerence and Tim Allen together... AND features the lovely Marisa Tomei, Oscar winner for "My Cousin Vinny".

644pm... Mackey just made his 1,844,923rd loving comment about Brian Urlacher. I think this is the definition of a Man-Crush. Kind of like Mikey has on Bono, I have on The Rock and Ty has on Bob Riley.

641pm... Mikey's wife Ashleia and Mackey's daughter Nicole just came in to the men's room... or the room here with all the guys in it. Ashleia is here to see Prince.

638pm... This guy is walking down the street in a Heart costume. He then gets attacked by various people in black costumes wearing signs, "High Cholesterol", "High Blood Pressure" and a hot chick wearing "Diabetes." Mackey pipes up, "I want diabetes"

628pm... We're loving Bob Sanders for the simplicity of his name. And apparently, Bob has been all over the place tonight. How cool would that be? Super Bowl MVP Bob Sanders... Tommy has disappeared, we think he could have made his way down to the Wii in the basement... Ashley Spell and her friend Kelly is on her way... and the rain is really, really coming down.

625pm... I think that was Tenacious D in that Garmin navigation commercial. Could've been The Darkness.

620pm... Mr. Jim (Paula Mackey's pappy) won the first quarter in our annual Super Bowl contest. He won himself a pristine, mint condition of the special edition
"My Cousin Vinny", starring Joe Pesci and the Oscar winning Marisa Tomei. She was hot. Wonder what happened to her? She went on to star with Christian Slater's crappy "Untamed Heart" and... wait, where was I? Oh, the game...

601pm... A great Carlos Mencia Bud commercial... a disturbing, yet funny David Letterman/Oprah Winfrey spot... Tom just came in... and we noticed that its raining so much, the cameras are now affected, and it looks like its old school. I think I just saw Johnny Unitas.

6pm... "Why won't they let Rex Grossman pass?" asks Mikey... I reply, "Cause he's Rex freakin' Grossman." Of course, then Rex just scored. And I am SO PUMPED about
Survivor: Fiji premiering next Thursday. And Drew just walked in. Its 14 to 6 Bears.

559pm... Me: Am I the only one not excited about seeing Prince?
Mikey: Its raining. He's not going to get out there in the rain
Jim-may: Maybe someone will hold an umbrella over him. A short umbrella
And in the kickoff, Chicago fumbled the ball... Indy recovered... then proceeded to fumble the ball in the next play... and Chicago recovered. This might be the best Super Bowl I've seen in a long time.

546pm... Just had this exchange:
Ty: Apparently, an Iranian family with a gazillion kids just moved in next to our house
Mikey: Really?
Ty: Yeah, I think it might be a terrorist training camp
Jimmay: Ty's gonna call some of his government buddies
And Indy finally scored. Then they just botched the snap. I revert back to Mackey's comment... the rain changed everything

545pm... Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Bowling has arrived. I moved upstairs to the big tv... there is a smaller, yet nicer, television downstairs, but its a little loud down there. So I'm up here in a meat locker of a bedroom with Reverend Ty, Mikey Nipp and Jimmay

537pm... Bud strikes again with a clever "Paper Rock Scissors" commercial. And Chicago just intercepted it. I remind myself that this is what happened to Florida against Ohio State, and we saw how that turned out.

530pm... The Bears just ran it all the way back for 6. Steph commented the game will be boring if this is what happens. Mackey retorted, "It's raining. It won't be boring" And Peyton is on the field, and starting off, playing like poopy. This is what happened against New England, and they ended up coming back... we'll see...

523pm... Tad & Gina just showed up. They're also doing player intros, and the crowd just booed a player with the name Mohammed. Is it bad that I find that funny?

521pm... what's happened so far: The Chad Johnson/NFL 365 commercial just played, starring Martha Stewart, Rascal Flatts, LL Cool J and a few select others... Billy Joel just sang, completely off key, the national anthem. Michael commented that its because 1) he's old and 2) he's an alcoholic, so his liver is probably totally shriveled up. Not that a shriveled liver has anything to do with singing, but still...

Well, its time for the Super Bowl, as the Colts take on the Bears in Miami Florida... and once again, the usual crowd--Tommy & Amy, Mikey & Ashley, Steph & Yours Truly at Ken & Lynn Nipp's--are joined by the Mackey's and some others here. And I'll keep you informed of all the fun goodness of the Super Bowl....


  1. You and I have never met, but I've enjoyed the heck out of your blog tonight.

    I grew up in Coffee Springs, AL, and I was good friends with Julie Wise. I also dated Jennifer Herndon for a few months in 1995 after I left Geneva High.

    I just happened to do a search for them tonight (feeling nostalgic), and I came across your blog. You had me laughing about the JH "cute, but not really" comments.

    Thanks for the laughs and memories. Feel free to write anytime! Take care!

    --Brock P.

  2. DAVID! I want the top 5 bro... ive been checking back every day so i could read it haha... and it still hasnt appeared! Whens it comin?



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