Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Caught In MySpace's Tractor Beam

So I finally did it. I created a MySpace page. Actually, I only did it so I could comment on my friend blog, but it got kinda fun... you can find it at http://www.myspace.com/superdavedollar

...and for anyone who is living under a rock and doesn't know what I'm talking about, MySpace is friggin' huge. I am talking, ginormous.

I put up my picture, took like an hour filling out the info, proceeded to list Samson High and Troy State as my educational sources, and then proceeded to fill out every job I've ever had under the "my companies" section.

Then I started searching Troy & Samson Alumni... I found several people I recognized, including:

  • A fraternity brother of mine. He's holding a kid, which makes me think he reproduced. I'm frightened.
  • Another girl who is a former Miss Alaska--I only mention this because we were friends, and stuff like that makes me feel important. (Why do you think I keep pimping the fact I'm good buddies with Brooke Smith?)
  • I think someone I know made out with this chick (no, not me)
  • Found this chick that I annoyed in Hamil Hall so much that she quit speaking to me. I just sent her a message apologizing for such actions.
  • Holy crap, Launi Larrabee is still single?
  • Okay, so when I worked at the restaurant in Samson, this chick had the biggest crush on me. Now look at her. I feel old... but happy with my bride.
  • Just found my best friend from High School. I think this MySpace thing might just be pretty cool...
  • Oh yeah, remember the guy I played tennis with in high school? Found him too. He's pretty close to being Wooderson.

Holy early morning Batman... its 245am... lets see if I can sneak into bed without waking up dear Steph...

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