Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And Then There Were Two

So, here's the hard part about having digital cable. Before, we had three VCRs, able to record like, everything at one time. Now that we've had a digital cable box, we only have two VCRs to record on, which usually is enough. Tonight, its not. On one VCR is The Amazing Race season finale. Now, I'm about record Lost, while watching American Idol--and I'm not recording American Idol, to which Steph will not be happy. Hopefully she'll get home in time to see some of it. But what would take 40 seconds to tell us who made it to next week's finale in the Kodak Theater, they stretch to an hour.

What stinks is I'm also missing Dateline NBC's finale to the four part "To Catch a Predator" series, where they put the hidden cameras out and have men coming in who think they are meeting young children for unruly behaviors. Decisions, decisions.

So, let's begin:
802pm... They just showed Steph's Man Ace with the Ace Hair hanging out with Pickles. Come on, Pickles... you can do better than that.

803pm... Reviews of last night, in which Elliott Yahmean did eh, My Girl McPhee did pretty good and amazing with "Over the Rainbow" and Taylor was the junk.

807m... Ryan promises us the results are coming up, plus the segments of when the Idols went to their own hometown... including Taylor in The Ham

8:11pm... Perhaps the best ceesey Idols Ford commercial I've seen yet... all three are all dressed up as 90 year olds, rapping to "Young at Heart", advertising a Mustang. Hilarious stuff.

8:13pm... In a shameless plug for X-Men: The Last Stand, the Idols got to meet Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn, who gave them dvds to the new X-Men movie.

8:14pm... Clips from Taylor Hicks visit to Birmingham last week. Rick & Bubba got some major props (love those guys), and they are showing clips from the parade held in Taylor's honor. Moron... I mean, Mayor Kincaid gives Taylor the key to the city (which Hoover's mayor did the same thing at the Galleria).

8:16pm... They are showing the thousands of people at the Galleria... man I'm glad I stayed away that day.

8:17pm... Taylor meets Bob & Patsy Riley. Apparently, May 16th was Taylor Hicks Day. I didn't get the memo. What did YOU do to celebrate?

8:19pm... Now he's singing "Taking It to the Streets", a song by the Doobie Brothers that he did earlier this season--its what he's putting on the American Idol compilation CD this year. Good version.

8:24pm... My Girl McPhee is from Sherman Oaks, CA, her hometown, which is really like, twenty minutes from the studios where American Idol does its thing. She visits some radio stations, the local Fox affliate, her high school alma mater (Notre Dame High) and LA's mayor declares it Katharine McPhee Day in LA.

8:27pm... My Girl McPhee visits her parents house, where a large crowd is there to meet her in the driveway. I guess its hard being from a bigger town, because Los Angeles has everything... Birmingham has Taylor Hicks.

8:27pm... Her selection for the American Idol CD is "Think" by Aretha Franklin... I'm not a fan of this song, but if the CD comes with video of McPhee actually singing it, I'll buy it.

8:31pm... Two questions... how the heck did Todd Bridges get in the audience? And why the heck is Todd Bridges in the audience?

8:35pm... Random Gavin DeGraw sighting. You hear that sound? Thats the "One Hit Wonder" alarm going off. It went off earlier when I heard Jason Mraz on Vh1.

8:36pm... Elliott Yahmean's hometown is Richmond, Virginia. Of course, its Elliott Yahmean Day in Richmond. He spells his name Elliot Yamin? Who knew.

8:40pm... Paula is a blubbering idiot.

8:41pm... Wait, you spell the name Elliott, with 2 T's? That means that the official sign in front of the Governor's Mansion that read "Elliot Yamin Comes Home" was mispelled? Well, the governor is a Democrat. Makes sense. Elliott Yahmean is singing his song for the American Idol CD. I tried to care, but ten seconds into it, I had to go online to make sure that Gov. Tim Kaine was actually a Democrat before I made that joke.

8:47pm... They just presented Clive Davis with a plaque, celebrating 33 million records sold from all the Idols. Thats alot... Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" has sold 10 million worldwide. Thats why she rocks.

8:50... Clive is giving a rundown of the successes of American Idols, including Fantasia, Kelly, Ruben, Clayken, Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. What, no Justin Giuraiuriani? No Vanessa Oliveraz? No Diana DeGarmo? Is there any justice? YOUR results coming up, live, after the break!

8:54pm... Fox6 just put together a really badly edited promo for tonight's news about Idol.

8:54pm... 33.68%... 33.26%... 33.06%... out of the 50 million votes, this was the percentage of votes. And no Top 2, no Bottom 2... Ryan just tosses out the 33.06, then announces its Elliott Yamin going home.

8:56pm... Paula looks as if she's going to pass out. They show Elliott's mom, who is also a Democrat which means she can't have much common sense. Now... lets take a look at the journey of the Yahmenian.

8:57pm... When they play "Bad Day", you know its bad news. He has definately come along quite a bit in the looks department, though... remember when I could see him next to Bucky on Cops? Not anymore.

So that means... coming next week... Taylor Hicks & My Girl McPhee vie for the title of American Idol. And I'll be here with a running diary during next Wednesday's results show... and for the first time, I would be happy with either one winning the title.

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