Monday, June 21, 2010

Bean There, Done That

Well, here we are again.  What started out as a temporary job to pay the bills, earn some extra money and put a ring on the finger of one Stephanie Leann Campbell has now culminated into a 7+ year process that has taken me from barista to shift supervisor to assistant manager to manager to barista to shift supervisor... and now, back, better than ever, some may say, back to assistant manager.

One of the most common questions, after the initial "Why is the store closing?" and "What are y'all gonna do with the stuff up top?", is "What are you going to do after The Happiest Place in the Mall closes?"  The answer to that has simply been, "Gonna go back to Starbucks for a while."  I explained this further in one of The Happiest Place in the Mall closing posts, but usually the follow up question to "Gonna go back to Starbucks" is "Oh, are you going to be a manager again?"

Its always said with curiosity, never asked with any malcontent or harm, but its always assumed that I can just say, "I wanna be a manager!' and boom! its done.  However, its not that easy... not only is it hard to get back to that position after stepping down and being away from it for two years, it wasn't something I was sure I even wanted. 

I had a conversation with one of the Bean Kings (aka, the Starbucks Higher Ups) and they asked me if I would consider a return to management one day.  I told him yes, if--and only if--the situation was right.  I managed a store before... I loved it.  I loved leading the team, but it was hard for a number of reasons, some of which were beyond my own control.  I don't mean the work was hard, though it was, I mean the situation was tough.

So, if the situation was right, perhaps a store that I had always wanted, then sure, I'd be willing to go back.  Until then?  Don't need the stress, really.

And the pieces slowly fell into place, like God putting together a jigsaw puzzle that I didn't even know was a picture.  First, I was transferred to the Starbucks on 280, near Highway 119.  Don't confuse that with the store I used to work at, on 280, in front of The Fresh Market and Jason's Deli... no, the store I'm working in is down 280 a bit, near The Fish Market.  Fish, not Fresh.   Say it with me, Fish... not Fresh... Fish... not Fresh... Fish... not Fresh...

Next, MZ took over.  She's so great, and over the last year, she's turned into such a great manager.  She's still learning, and I think that is part of her charm... she has no problem admitting "Hey, I have no idea.  Let's figure this out together" which is awesome.  And then, the store gets all kinds of attention.  MZ was given Manager of the Quarter for the area/region.  The Bean Kings know about this store, meaning its in the spotlight. 

Finally, its successful.   There is money to be made, You want to be seen, you have a great shot by working at this store, because this store is in the spotlight and is being noticed by people of importance.

And what about this is bad?  I love the company, I love the work, I love the team.  We have a great team at that store, and so after thinking about it, praying about it, and discussing it, I kinda decided that yes, this was the right situation.  The Lovely Steph Leann is so wonderful about everything too... she always says, "Do what makes you happy.  We're fine either way.  I'll support you."  Can't ask for more than that...

I wasn't assuming anything, but the job was finally offered to me recently.  It was a great offer, my questions were answered favorably, my fears were put to rest and... well, here I am.  Assistant manager once again.   Something's always brewing, but it keeps me grounded.

By the way, the foot is fine.  A little scarring on the ankle, but it will eventually go away.

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  1. Awesome. Congrats on the job promotion. You're a pretty amazing guy and anything you do you'll be sucessful.


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