Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hollipops & Robbers... and a few thoughts

By the way, if you are reading this on Facebook, or get on Facebook on a regular basis... I just started a "Clouds" fan page on FB. I'd love for you to join up. Just search "Clouds In My Coffee" and you'll see it. Really, there is no other reason to join than just to say "Hey, I really like the blog", but it feeds my ego, and really, thats the point.

***Saw "Land of the Lost" the other night, part of "The Dave & Mikey Crappy Movie Series". My thoughts? Eh.

***There's a new movie coming out, one of those that no one I know even is aware of until the previews start showing up. Jeremy Piven is in a flick called "The Goods", high comedy and hijinx on a car dealership. Seriously, though, the first time I saw the preview, I thought it was another gawd-awful remake of a fairly decent 80s flick, this one being "Used Cars", starring Kurt Russell and Jack Warden. "The Goods" might be something I check out with Mikey at the $1 theater in a few weeks.

***Ever watch a show on DVR, and when it goes to commercial, you forget that its DVR, so the commercials just keep playing? I do that all the time. Hence, seeing crappy movie previews.

***So, I'm talking to a guest at The Happiest Place in the Mall, and letting her know that the Ariel dresses we have on our $5.99 rack are the only ones we have left, and that we don't have size 7/8. All we have left is 4 and 10/12. She's unhappy. She's holding a Bolt plush in her hand. She informs me that, with a sigh, she's ready to check out with the other stuff she has. What does she do? In front of me, she places Bolt on the table of t-shirts. Mind you, I'm standing so close to Plush Mountain that if I threw my leg back, I'd kick it. Which means all she had to do was toss the animal about four feet. But, perhaps it looked better on the shirt. Happy times.

***Working with Hollipop at The Happiest Place in the Mall, and poor girl--her home was broken into. The thieves swiped a bunch of stuff, like guns, tvs, electronics, jewelry and more. And you know what they figured out? Hollipop had announced their vacation on her Facebook page... and someone who is one of her "friends" did it. Similar to Hannah Pruitt Award Winners Jessica and James Hawbaker, who had their home (and later their car) broken into, though that was more of a result of the crappy apartment complex, not Facebook. Check out her brilliant thoughts on the subject.

I kinda wish "friends" could be broken into three catagories... "Friends", which are just that. "Acquaintances", which are those people you are friendly toward, but you never see or talk to them, for one reason or another. And then, finally, "Yeah, I Kinda Know You and Somehow Feel It Important To Keep You Around". Perhaps the maximum on the latter catagory should be like, 50 or something. Cause really, do you need more than 50 people you barely know? Yeah, yeah, pot kettle black.

Anyway, back to the story--Hollipop's thieves probably fell into that last catagory. So let that be a warning too you... be careful of your FB friends, and don't put stuff like "Hey, we'll be on vacation, so come rob us!" on your status.

***Late last night, I put in "The Pelican Brief", starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. Its a movie I bought at Wal-Mart for $5, a movie that I rather enjoy. Its re-watchability factor is high, and since I'm about a 1/3 of the way through re-reading the book, I figured I'd watch the adaptation.

It gets to the part around the middle of the movie, when Darby Shaw explains the actual brief, discussing the assassinations of Supreme Court Justices Rosenberg and Jensen, and as that scene ends, the movie just stops. Completely. It goes not to the menu, but to the opening "SONY BLU-RAY" screen that you see when you first turn the machine on.

Bewildered, I open the disc player and look at the disc. This is a movie that I've owned for over a year, but actually pulled the plastic off of about, I dunno, 30 seconds before I put it in. I mean, it was a $5 movie from Wal-Mart, but really, its brand spankin' new... could it be scratched?

I then figure it out. I have to flip the disc over. In the year 2009, I actually haveto flip over the DVD to watch the rest of the movie. I chuckle and remember the joys of laserdiscs. I flipped it over, watch three minutes of it, then went to bed. Much easier.

***I found this site online--and don't ask me to link to it, because I don't remember what it was. Anyway, it allowed you to import your blog and print it in book form. So, just for kicks and giggles, I imported Clouds In My Coffee. It was supposed to take about 30 seconds to import, but instead, it took about 10 minutes--I had opted to import the entire blog. And when it was done, I was previewing a softcover book entitled "Clouds in My Coffee", weighing in at about 1400 pages. The index alone was 24 pages... Mind you, this wasn't "each column starts a new page", this was one column after another. Pictures and all. And it could be mine for the low, low price of only $524.88. I elected to cancel. It did leave me feeling like I accomplished something.

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  1. These random-musing versions of your blog really give me the espresso version that I crave sometimes.

    Great point about posting your full life on FB. This isn't the first time I've heard about issues like this, but a good reminder. Poor thing...

    Is BluRay *really* that much better than regular DVD?

    I can't believe you've never read Pelican Brief. I read the book before I saw the movie and was surprised at the actor choices (Julie and Denzel). Just didn't seem to fit based on how the book-to-movie script and cast played in my mind.


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