Monday, April 16, 2007

And We Have a Winner...

Wow, its been a week... and weekend... I apologize that I haven't blogged much. Of course, there's not any rule that says when I should blog, but now that I've got an average of double digit readers each day or so, I thought I should post something.

So, finally... defeating both James & Jessica Hawbaker 3-1, we have a winner in the First Ever Dave's Random Bracket. The winner of the Stephanie Leann Campbell Hyphen Dollar Random Bracket Trophy is...

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Fitting, especially now since they've reformed with two new members, a la Caedmon's or Sixpence (good looking chick(s) with great voices), and are about to embark on their first ever world tour.

Congrats, F'7... and I'll see you readers in a day or so with American Idol, global warming and this great new show, "Drive". It rocks.


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