Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ramble Time

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For the rest of you, I guess its time I talk about something else, isn't it?

Have you ever had a song rolling around in your head, yet couldn't figure out what it was or who sang it? Yeah, me too.

So there's this one song that has been bothering me for about five years. No, really... five years. I've heard it before, but it never really hit me until one day my buddies Mikey and Shawnifer Sharpenious were visiting K-Mart, the one down on Hwy 31. Olde Time Pottery is there now, and this was actually when it was closing and liquidating all its crap. I heard the song on the overhead muzak system... I thought "Hmm... this is kind of a fun song. I wonder who sings it. I'll have to find this."

And years went by. Turned it to the classic rock station here in The Ham a few times, hoping they would play it, but no avail. When I worked at the radio station, I talked to the program director... see, the problem was, I didn't know any of the words. Not a single one. Even from two words, I've managed to find a song's info by googling, but all I had was the tune... and when I hummed it out for the program director at the station, he looked at me like I was a moron.

Then, a few months ago, I'm sitting at Jason's Deli, and it plays overhead. At my request, one of the employees spent ten minutes looking at their own muzak system, trying to find an artist or title. Nothing.

So, the other day, I'm at Starbucks. I'm in the drive thru, doing my thing, and faintly, I hear a familiar rhythm. I block everything else out, and listen closely... yes... maybe? Maybe? THAT'S IT!!!!! I practically run over little Courtney and race back to the cd player to figure out the song that has been haunting me for five years. And now,
I have my answer. Its almost anti-climactic, really.


Speaking of Mikey, I saw him tonight. He and Reverend Ty came over, went to Wings then came back to the apartment... and we watched this for about twenty minutes. And for a donation of only $110, you can watch it too on dvd! I wish I were making this up.

The Reverend left, and Mikey and I watched WWE: Raw... Its a male soap opera, its stupid, its hokey, its just plain bad acting... and its a guilty pleasure that I can't shake. The Nature Boy Ric Flair and Terry Funk might as well wrestle with walkers. Looks like they are washing clothes.

And John Cena is the man. So there.


Stephanie is in Minneapolis, MN, for the annual Creative Memories Showcase, which is like the big conference for nationwide consultants. I, being the loving husband and attempting to out-serve her (yeah, right... like I could do that) drove her and her cousin Karen, also a consultant, to Atlanta Sunday morning to the airport early, early. Left at like, 430am. Way too early.

Supposed to pick them both up at the airport early Wednesday morning, but luckily for me, I found a college friend of mine on MySpace, so I'm going to stay with her and her friends Tuesday night so I don't have to get up so early Wednesday. So, basically, in the last 19 days, I've been without my wife for 11 of them.

Speaking of MySpace, I think I'm addicted to it. You might remember I had a column about being caught in
MySpace's tractor beams, but it really is an addicting thing. I mentioned several pages I had found... well, I found even more! I mean, I've got like, 45 friends now, which rocks! I'm still waiting for Sheryl Crow & The Rock to approve my friend request, but I know its coming!

Here is a page for Tyler "the Sexy Beast" Campbell, while here's a page for Ben Caver (who performed at our last Deuce Christmas Party, just fyi), and here's the page for New York's Kid Sister.

Is anybody else just giddy about this movie? I mean, the sheer ridiculousness of the movie itself is going to have me there on opening night. (I'm still imagining Julianna Margulies yelling at her agent "I was in freakin' ER, and you got me THIS???" and the agent replies "Yeah, well, you didn't mind this when you needed rent money, did ya?")

I'm pumped.

I've always had a celebrity crush on Elisabeth Hasselbeck--you might know here from Survivor. Entertainment Weekly posted some thoughts on her conservative views she spouts on The View. The best part about it is, though, is not the revelation that she's against the morning after pill, or that she calls out a bad babysitter on national tv, but the comments that follow. No logical arguments opposing her views... just name calling and the like. Typical liberals. That's why I love you people... gives me something to laugh about.


Finally, here's another "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree" mention... have you seen KT Tunstall do this song live? It is just amazing... she does all the back up vocals and music herself. You can watch here on YouTube. don't see me.....

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