Friday, June 09, 2006

VBS, NYC and a Steph Tanner Update

Oh, big ups to Sammy Jane Funkhauser, who apparently read this column for the first time yesterday.

Just got back from Vacation Bible School at Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship). As most do, we had a weeklong adventure from 9 to 12 every day for all the kids, doing games, Bible stories and skits... well, I say "we", but I was only there today. Always been in a job where I had to work every day, so I could never do it... apparently, most families have the man working, because 80% of the workers were moms.

Hopefully, next year, I'll have a store of my own, and I'll be able to work out my own schedule to be there every day. I was in a skit, portraying a wandering drifter who takes the town daughter under his wing, teaches her to fish, skip school and put important stuff off until tomorrow. My character's name was Dan Browne, though I dont know if that was code for something. So, Dan--he could be an angel, he could be a demon, who knows?--gets a good family talking to by the town sheriff, who is also the kids father, much like Mayberry.

Got my script on Tuesday night, read it for the first time Wednesday afternoon, but of course the VBS skit director fails to tell me that the words would be on the monitors in the front of the stage. Yes, prompters. God's gift to aspiring Christian actors. Anyway, it was fun.

By the way, you know you are getting old when half of the moms are right around your age and they have kids who are in 1st or even 2nd grade. I think Speedy from the Rick & Bubba Show coined the term "GLM", or "Good Looking Mom", which would qualify for many of them. I think Steph will be a GLM too, and I'm looking forward to finding out. Apparently, so are other people--one girl asked me today when we were going back to Disney World... I replied that when Steph and I get my student loan paid off, we're taking a celebratory vacation, then perhaps starting a family. When I asked why she was asking, she said she knew after WDW, we would have kids, so she wanted to know how soon.


Going back to NYC! Been working on "support letters" for a few days... those letters are always so hard to write, because while you need prayers and encouragement, you also need financial support. And I find it hard to send those letters to people that I know don't have a lot of money, even though my intent is to ask for their prayers... but the first thing that anyone thinks when they open one up is "money".

So if you read this, and you got a letter (and you might-- I am sending out, like, forty) please know that while your finanical support would be fantastic, prayer is the most important thing. If all forty people are truly praying for me and the means to go, then I have no doubt that the money will take care of itself.

In NYC, I'll also get to blog again, which was just a hoot last year. We're staying in a real hotel this time, no stick-to-the-mattress kind of places again. You can read the NYC Intro here and here, and the beginning of the trip here. Another thing that will be better this year is that you can actually leave comments. Last year, I was new to the blogging world, and I didn't know you could turn the "register to comment" feature off. Looking forward to it.

Onto some fun stuff for your weekend:

The A.V. Club online has listed its picks for the most unpopular TV characters ever. Personally, I think you could stop at #1 and #2 and be satisfied with the list.

The Mike Dunn Hypothesis is alive an well, folks. Jim and Jenny prove it.

When I was a kid, I had a thing for Candice Cameron, which was the only reason I watched Full House... while Alyssa Milano was out of my league, I think I could have gone out with DJ Tanner. I only bring it up because DJ's little sis, Stephanie Tanner, has a new gig. Did you know she had a meth addiction for a long time in her teenage years? She's recovered nicely... good for her.

I'll be wondering if Stephanie (Dollar, not Tanner) will be able to resist clips of Balki from Perfect Strangers, when they are just one click away.

Found out that that this is on HBO On Demand, which means I can watch it anytime I want. Crap... I have a hard enough time not being distracted. At least its not this, which is on now.

And finally... don't be speaking no es-pan-yola up at Geno's Steaks in Philly. They've got an "English Only When Ordering" sign. I love it.

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