Thursday, July 28, 2005

NYC Entry #2: The Prayers

Got an email from Philip the other day, right after I wrote my last entry. Seems changes are already afoot... Morris High, the school we were schedule to be in, is actually finished due to the hard work of other mission teams. We'll be working now in PS 63, an elementary school. I'm guessing that won't be the only thing that will be different from our plans...

Several people have asked me what they should specifically be praying for... well, here is your list.

For the team itself...
--That God would fill us with hope and love and joy and peace and mercy and kindness and understanding and forgiveness and grace and power and strength and courage every day of the trip.
--That God would continue to keep out Satan from our team. Some of us are just getting to know each other, so pray that our friendships will grow and bond quickly.
--That God would take care of our families and loved ones, providing comfort and provisions while we are away
--That God would allow all of us to be totally flexible.

For Upward Basketball...
--Kids would come. And keep coming.
--Kids would be receptive to hearing the Truth in Him

The Bronx area...
--That God will grant us many opportunities to be bold in Him, telling the others about his love
--That God would do an unbelievable work around us while we are there in the neighborhoods

Stamford, CT...
--That God would begin to open the hearts and minds of the affluent communities, helping them see that riches without Him is worthless

Encounter Church...
--That God would plant this church in just the right way, time and place to bring the most Glory to His Name

Two full days before we get on a plane. I'm getting more and more excited as the hours tick by!


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