Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter & the Hammer of MC

So, this week has been a blur.

I'm currently listening to's online 90s station, which is fabuloso, and hearing the great sounds of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This".

Today was Habitat for Humanity for our Sunday School class... my wife left last night to go to Crestview, Florida, for a baby shower for one of her old-school best friends and there are three reasons I didnt go...
1) I had a drama project I HAD to get done this weekend
2) I hated to miss Habitat
3) Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

Now, truthbetold, I would have foregone #2 & #3, but #1 was unavoidable--so whilest I was doing #1, 2 & 3 were byproducts of the weekend...

(Timmy T's "Ill B Ur Everything"... how hard is it to write the words "be" and "your", and put an apostrophe in "Ill"?)

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble to get a "wristband" so I could pick up my Harry Potter book at 12:01am. I'm a nerd. Anyway, they had two bands--yellow for those who had ordered ahead of time, and orange for those who hadn't... I got a yellow, with the number 79 on it. They would give out books for those numbers first, then those in the orange bands could get their books.

Its really quite silly, to be honest--I'm re-reading the other Harry Potter books as is, and I'm only half through Goblet of Fire, so I really won't even get to the new one until at least next week, so I could have bought it anytime... but I had to be there. However, that didnt stop me from flipping through it to which I discovered three things that made me "holy crap!"... 1) a major, major, MAJOR death--I sort of expected a death, but only slightly suspected this one, and was shocked at how it happened... 2) who the half-blood prince is--shocking... and 3) Harry gets a girlfriend! And I'm so pleased. I flipped out when I read Order of the Phoenix to discover Harry's first kiss (with Cho Chang, natch) but his woman this time is not Cho.

I love the Travelocity Roaming Gnome... "my creedo is, less for the room, more for that mini-bah"

So after I got my book (79th in line, got it around 12:20 or so) I headed to IHOP to have some late breakfast... got home around 115 am, and then like an igmo, stayed up until 415am reading Goblet of Fire.

(Keith Sweat's "I'll Give All My Love"... he's the early 90s R. Kelly, only without all the underage minor stuff)

Today was Habitat for Humanity, which I mentioned. Our Sunday School class is a "newly/nearly married" class, which Steph and I both love, and Tiffiany Shaw set up a one-day service project for us... included in this event were Tebe & Tiffiany, James & Jessica, Willis & Meredith and myself (remember, Steph is still in Crestview). Anyway, we moved mud, painted a concrete wall and made an ill-fated attempt at pouring concrete.

So following the Habitat project, smelling like something extraordinarily foul, I came to my in-laws place to use their cd burner to get a powerpoint presentation for dinner theater next week. And I forgot the music that goes to it... so whilest I didth the presentation, I'll have to burn it later.

I did take a shower, but I didnt have any shampoo, I had to use some freaky Spiderman foam soap, and though I brought new shorts and a shirt, I have on the same boxers. Very foul. I feel foul.

("Been Around the World" by Puff Daddy & the Family, feat. the Notorious BIG and Mase. Its never "with so & so", its always "feat." Strange.)

So my decision at this very moment, sitting in front of the Campbell's computer at their bungalow in Greystone is... do I go home, await the late return of my lovely wife, all the while read Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, in anticipation of reading Order of the Phoenix, which pumps me up for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

Or, do I go home, re-shower complete with shampoo and new boxer shorts (and also new socks--my shoes & socks are gross, and I have to drive barefoot) and head over to Tebe & Tiff's house for an impromptu night of games and such?

("Pony" by Genuwine. No, not Genuine... its Genuwine. Don't even get me started)

And in other news, I have all the money needed for NEW YORK CITY!!!

And that's a wrap for today.


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