Monday, July 04, 2005

Less than 30 days....

Well... its coming.

On July 31st, we'll fly out to NYC for what will be my third mission trip to that city. The excitement is building inside of me, as more often than not, I think ahead to that trip. There are a total of 16 (maybe 17?) going on this trip, and I've not formally even met them all just yet.

I do know a few--Mark Warner, a buddy of mine from KidStuf (our children's ministry at Valleydale Church, an sbc fellowship); Natalie Valentine, also involved in Kidstuff; Lori Land, instrumentalist extraordinaire at the aformentioned Valleydale; Paula Mackey and her two kids, Brandon and Josh--Josh is involved in WalkAbout, the middle school drama team; Josh & Staci Caldwell, husband and wife duo at church, Josh being the recreation minister, Staci involved with the kids... as for the rest of the crew, I've only met them because of this trip. That includes team leader Philip Waters, a family called the Harringtons and someone named Colby. Larry Long has also joined last minute, as he's the father of former WalkAbout students Megan & Anna Long.

Either way, its the 4th of July today, and I've started this blog right here, right now. I'll be adding to it more and more leading up to the trip, and who knows, I might just keep it going afterwards...


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  1. I didn't know Stasi was going!! She's my friend from when I used to do childcare at Valleydale. What a great asset she'll be to the team! Please give her my love!



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