Friday, July 08, 2005

Dave's Rambling: Kelly Clarkson

Here I am, once again... I'm torn into pieces... Can't deny it, can't pretend... Just thought you were the one... Broken up, deep inside... But you won't get to see the tears I cry... Behind these hazel eyes

Can I just say that somehow I' m a big Kelly Clarkson fan? I dont really know why... you'd think out of all the idols, I'd be a Ruben or Bo fan, since they were hometown boys, or I'd be supporters of Kimberly Caldwell, Carrie Underwood or Julia Damato, all whom I was Idol Hot for at one point or another... but no... I'm a Kelly Fan.

Miss Independent got me from the first few beats... I can still walk around Starbucks and sing that song happily. I am not, however, a fan of Breakaway or A Moment Like This--which leads me to say that every Idol song they force the winner to put out, such as A Moment Like This or this year's Inside Your Heaven (which Carrie was forced to endure) really suck. Bigtime.

Where was I?

Yes, Kelly.

The last one single she had... what was the name of it... crap, I will think of it... nothing is going through my head right now besides " I am, once again, i'm torn into pieces..."

Though I can happily say that I figured out who sings the "it's alright..." song. When I would see promos for the very underrated Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, I'd heard a male voice sing "well, its alllllll right..." and then say a line I couldnt remember. Anyway, I finally looked it up... its the Traveling Wilburys song "The End of the Line". Who were the Wilburys? It was a group from the early 1990s comprised of ELO leader Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty & Roy Orbison.

By the way... did I say how much of a Kelly Clarkson fan I am?



  1. Yes Kelly is pop/rock Goddess. Since her first single hit Miss Independent to her lastest 3 I've loved her ever since. If I could convince my lovely wife Ashley to let me fork over the $40 or so bucks to see her at Boutwell Auditorium here in Birmingham, AL I so be there, but alas I am afraid it is not to be since I'm already going to see Coldplay. Someday though Kelly will be mine!

  2. I too can identify with almost not wanting others to know what a fan I am of Kelly. I just bought her 2nd CD and have really enjoyed singing along to it.

    I almost forget that she once was a "nobody", but having recently watched a special on VH1 about her, I'm more impressed with where she is now.


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