Sunday, July 08, 2012

you don't wanna miss a thing

The hard part of blogging 31 straight days is that when you right something that feel is pretty good, you are afraid people will miss it because they many not check it everyday...

The first lesson is... check it every day!

However, since I know that's asking alot... here's what you might have missed in the first 7 days of The July 31, my attempt at 31 straight days of blogging.

Day One... Kicking off The July 31 with a few Monday funnies in "funny picture monday"

Day Two... The Clouds review of the new Disney Pixar movie "Brave"

Day Three... Celebrating the 4th of July with a scene from my 77th favorite movie of all time, i

Day Four... In "cap says", just another quick USA! moment

Day Five... Who puts bacon on an ice cream sundae?  That would be Burger King.

Day Six... In a random blog, a list of my goal failures, a review of "Fright Night" and the best popsicles ever.

Day Seven... A nostalgic look at the great deals offered by Columbia House back in the day, in "8 tapes for just one penny!"

The July 31 Day Eight

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