Monday, July 16, 2012

one hundred g's

Thank you, dear Clouds in My Coffee readers... thank you so, so much.  I don't know at what time, but I'm guessing that at some point when I check this site tomorrow, the "visitors" number on the right side will read six digits... as in, 100,000.

That means that this here little website, and its randomness, its questionable talent, is boring design, its promises of consecutive blogs and movie listings and other things and its failures to deliver most of it, its pretty decent posts every now and again tossed in between a dozen random thoughts of whatever... has been visited 100,000 times.

I'm not even sure who reads it--some of my closer friends never do.  But someone does, and to you, I say a big thank you. 

Next stop?  Post #900... then Post #1000... then Clouds In My Coffee's 10th Birthday... then who knows, maybe 1,000,000 visits? 


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