Sunday, July 01, 2012

funny picture monday

Last summer, I started an ambitious project called "The Summer of Blogging", with the intent of blogging just about every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I failed, needing about 90 posts to hit the goal, and ending up with something like 78 or so. 

So I chose not to do that this time around... with a kid pooping three times a day and drooling four gallons every few hours, plus work being extremely busy, plus a new DFC Season to prepare for, plus a podcast, plus a darling wife to please, things are hectic... but as I approach 900 posts, and having just past 7 years on the blog (900?  7 years?  surely I don't have that much to say?), I notice that I go longer stretches here and there between posts.

That's not to say that having over a week to absorb my tribute to my best mate Wookiee is a bad thing... but let's take July and catch up, shall we?

Its not The Summer of Blogging, but it is The July 31... that's original, ain't it?  I had just typed "The 31 Posts of July", but deleted it immediately... in addition to being cliche and crappy, it was cumbersome.

So, Day One of The July 31... what to talk about?  Tomorrow is Monday, so let's go the funny route. 

Lest you think I made this up, or this is a fake, a la Saturday Night Live's "Colon Blow" sketch, then just know I found the actual Colon Flow website.  This is a real product. 

So I'm running into The Dollar Tree a week or so ago, and I come across this sign.  I reckon I know what I'm cooking for dinner tonight!!!

Was eating breakfast at the McDonald's in Wal-Mart, and saw this sign.  This looks fairly disgusting.  Not as disgusting as the Burger King Bacon Sundae looks, though I actually want to try the Bacon Sundae. 

The Bacon Sundae is a real thing, by the way.


I thought this was a cute little onesie... but that is one long, long birthday celebration.

And finally... while visiting JustFish and Kelly for a Bible Study, I had to run to... where else, Wal-Mart.  In Moody.  And I caught a bit of this guy.  Washing his car.  In the Wal-Mat parking lot.  At 6pm on a Sunday evening. 

That's Moody, Alabama.

Day One of The July 31

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