Monday, September 05, 2011

The Close of the Summer of Blogging

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Well, its over.  My little blogging experiment is coming to a close... not the whole blog, I mean--sorry for those of you who think I'm a hack (more than you'd think, really), I'm going to continue the blog. 

However, "The Summer of Blogging" has now finished.

My summer production (June, July, August) is about average for the rest of the year, with only 19 in 2005, 37 in 2006, 30 in 2007, in 2008 I managed 26, in 2009 I wrote 29, and last year I posted 29 times.  This summer, however, I hit the blog scene hard, with averaging sometime new every day and a half or so.  97 days, 69 blogs.  Not all were quality, but I will say I'm proud of others.  Some were re-dos of things I wrote long, long ago, others were quick hits, and still others were lengthy pieces that, with the structure of The Summer of Blogging, were probably lost in the shuffle.

So, what did we see here this summer?

Weeeel.... we talked about Disney... with the Pin Event in February... then what happens when HGTV gets ahold of your backyard... then taking a Magic Kingdom tour...

There movies galore this summer, including "Super 8"... "Crazy Stupid Love"... Grindhouse films... the career of Katharine Heigl... a slew of movies that will make you shout "U-S-A!  U-S-A!"... and not only do we cover the latest Harry Potter flick, we discuss all of them.

Life happened this summer too... from helping a 9 year old boy discover his inner gangsta to mourning the loss of a friend... from remembering the early days of college to the things our (upcoming) child should know.

And of course, there is love for our Creator... from card games with Him to a friendship with Peter to the joys of going Home

Heck, I even made my first real college football season predictions, then tried to solve the problems of the conferences!

Yes, there has been alot this summer... even with the week in the middle of the summer that I took off, and the few days I took after the death of our friend Rob. 

Thank you for reading this summer, and I have lots more to say... more movie reviews, the last three parts of my 2010 review, and more news with the anticipated arrival of Lorelei Addison or Campbell Isaiah, whichever decides to show up. 

And thus ends The Summer of Blogging, Day Sixty Nine. 

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