Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye to Rob

While sitting amongst friends tonight at a special dinner, I received a text from my buddy Brad that simply said, "Did you hear about Rob?!"   Quite naturally, I went searching for what he meant, thinking there was some political story that I was going to find and go "oh geez... here we go..."

Rob Murray having some Happy China. Pic courtesy
of Chandler Wallace.  
Instead, when I went to Twitter, I saw essentially the same tweet over and over..."Valleydale Recreational Minister Rob Murray passed away this afternoon from a massive heart attack."  Took me a few minutes to register what that meant, only because Rob is one of those larger than life guys that you will always be there, right?

Oh, sure, he'll pass one day... in about 30 years, when he's in his 80s, and can't remember what day it is.  That's how guys like that die, right?  Live a long life, full of adventure, full of laughs and fun and being someone that people love, adore... and respect.  Live a long life that, when its over, it ends on this Earth and begins an eternal experience with Christ.

But not this time.

Rob Murray was the guy you saw every Sunday morning and every Sunday night.  He was the guy who did announcements with his booming voice and his sly wit.  He was the guy who sat behind the information desk on Wednesday night and told you where to go, gave you instructions on what to do... and was the guy who hosted the Wednesday night meals.

He gave out the questions on the Wednesday night meals, the trivia that you could fill out and turn in and try to win free food for the next week.  He was the guy who introduced the night and led the prayer.  He was the guy who played "Mickey Spleen", the detective character in KidStuf.  He essentially had a hand and/or foot in a dozen areas of the church.

Rob was hilarious.  He was kind, encouraging, smart and full of the Jesus he loved.  He randomly came up to me one day and simply said, "I really enjoy reading the status stuff you post on Facebook.  You are very clever.  And its funny to read between the lines of what you might say and see the sarcasm and wit.  I enjoy it."  Made my day, just to know someone "got" me.

Perhaps its impossible to be All Things To All People... but Rob was So Many Things To So Many People, and perhaps he came closer than anyone I know to that elusive AT2AP level.   And even though I know better, even though I know its not going to be possible, I know that tomorrow morning I'll be walking through the lobby of Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship, of course) and see him smiling at a new member, or talking to Dekker about whatever movie they hated, or laughing with Rhett Barnett about something inappropriate.

Christ took home a great conversationalist, one that we will miss, but only for a short time.  A tip of the cap to you, Rob Murray, for a life well spent, a friendship developed and a respect earned.

Thank you.  And see you soon.

The Summer of Blogging Day Fifty Eight


  1. Good stuff. Sorry to ruin your dinner.

  2. Love this. Miss him bunches, but am grateful for his legacy that is remembered in words like these. Thanks for writing.


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