Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Goonies (The Dave100 #99)

The Dave100 Introduction

Here's my 99th favorite movie of all time...

Who doesn't love "The Goonies"?  Who, circa 1986 to 1990, didn't want to live in Oregon, have an Asian friend who makes inventions that don't work, have a fat kid for a friend who likes to whine and lift up his shirt and dance (the truffle shuffle!), and have an older brother who chases after hot chicks like Andy (Kerri Green)

We all did. 

Quickly, for those of you who aren't familiar with the film, which might mean you are under 25 or just un-American, the film introduces us to a group of kids who call themselves The Goonies.  They are normal kids, one has asthma, one is overweight, one is the foriegn kid, one is the gross kid that can't keep his mouth shut, one is the girl that is only kinda cute but not really... and the area they live in is set to be purchased, with everyone forced out of their homes and moved away.  Smashcut to across town with a gang of jewel thieves and... well, here...

The Goonies embodies who we wanted to be as kids.  We wanted adventure, we wanted danger, we wanted to get ourselves into trouble yet save the day.  We wanted friends like Mouth (Corey Feldman) who stuck his tongue through the mouth of a painting and made a rude gesture.  We wanted friends like Data (John Quan), who couldn't say "booby traps" (booty traps!  that's what I says!  nobody get me!).  We wanted a cool girl like Stef (Martha Plimptonto hang out with that we didn't even acknowledge as a girl, just as a cool friend. And we all wanted to be Mikey (Sean Astin), leading these friends into an adventure which leads to skeletons, caves, tunnels, being chased, and going down one heck of a waterslide to a buried pirate ship. 

Its an improbabl movie that when watched today just doesn't resonate with the kids of today.  Seems like in this world full of Facebook and XBoxes and 300 channels and 3D movies that cost 14 bucks, a movie that doesn't feature an hour of CGI effects and big name stars won't hold up as well.  And maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are a handful of kids out there that would love this film... but I know that when I was young--and now that I'm old--The Goonies is not just a film.  Its a group that I would love to be a part of.  No matter what troubles Corey Feldman may have, he'll always be able to say "I'm a Goonie". 

And what we wouldn't give to be able to say that. 

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