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Ghost (The Dave100 #100)

The Dave100 Introduction

Let's start, shall we...

My 100th Favorite Film of All Time

From 1990, its Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore starring in one of the greatest love stories of my lifetime.  The story is a simple one... Sam Wheat (Swayze) is murdered, and using the "special gift" by a fake-psychic Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar winning role) he talks to and tries to protect his woman, Molly (Moore).

Sam's best mate turns out to be somewhat of a scoundral, and is played brilliantly by Tony Goldwyn.  The movie is best known for its revival, and planting into pop culture history (along with the Idol audition repetoire), of the song "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers, played while things are getting hot and heavy between Sam and Molly over a pottery wheel.  Somehow, though, between the turned-on'ed-ness of the pottery wheel and the part where they actually start making out, they get cleaned up... always bugged me.

I always thought that Demi Moore, while making short hair look beautiful, was the weakest link of the movie.  1990's Best Supporting Actress Race was a little tight, with Annette Bening's role in "The Grifters" being the frontrunner, though Lorraine Bracco's "Goodfellas" turn was also favored... and the Oscar went to Whoopi.  (also nominated was Diane Ladd for "Wild at Heart" and Mary McDonnell for "Dances with Wolves").  Having seen all five performances at one time or another, I could easily see Whoopi winning the Oscar, as Oda Mae Brown provides almost all of the comic relief.

  In this clip, Swayze does drop a little language, but its fantastic. 

Kinda feel like Whoopi could have had a better career, and perhaps she peaked with "Ghost", but it definately was a classic part.  Of course, when Ghost Sam jumps into Oda Mae's body to be with Molly, you see Sam's ghostlike image kissing Molly... but in real life, in the movie, it would be Oda Mae kissing... well, let's move on.  That part bothers me.

Something else that really struck me about this film was its depiction of Hell, or namely how you get to Hell.  Now, let's be real--I believe the Word of God, and I believe that no man gets to the Father except through the belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ, his mercy and his sacrifice of his life on a cross (John 14:6)... so the movie's premise that good people go to Heaven, bad people go to Hell is a little skewered (the Word also tells us that man is saved not by good works but by faith--Eph 2:8-9)...

...but when the bad guys die, you see the shadows come alive, groaning and wailing, and grab the bad guy, dragging them back into the shadows, presumably Hell.  To a 15 year old, it was kinda creepy and ubercool.

And the ending, of course, is just majestic.  He walks into what we are to assume is Heaven...

  I love you Molly.  I've always loved you.  (ditto).  It's amazing, Molly.  The love inside... you take it with you...  See ya.  (see ya). 

"Ghost" is a film I'll watch anytime it comes on.  Its rated PG-13 for medium language (no F-bombs, but a few others), some mild violence (Sam does get murdered, ya know), a make out scene over a pottery wheel... bring a hanky. 

(by the way, if anyone has seen my Mancard, please return it to The Cabana.  Thanks)

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