Thursday, November 19, 2009

N*Stync Presents... "Bye Bye Bye"

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Sometimes, you come across something that just has to be shared with the world.  The year was 2000, N*Sync was the biggest band in the entire world, and The Deuce was the most rockin' apartment in the whole, entire universe.

And, in our spare time, usually for broadcast during Wednesday night's middle school service, we made videos.  We did several, ranging from movie spoofs to musical bits to one where Mikey not only drove a fire truck, but he also threw the offering plate across the sanctuary like a frisbee.

But you have to see this one.  In order of appearance, its Shawn Sharp, Amy Dennis, Tom Johnson, Mikey & Yours Truly and Jason Lazzero.  Video work done by Jimmy Bowling.  Choreography & story outline done by Yours Truly.  Digital work & uploading by Shawn Sharp. 

I give you... "Bye Bye Bye".


If you can't see the video here, then you can click on the YouTube location

Random notes, just fyi...
  • Amy & Jason were both allergic to cats.  Since it took about three hours to shoot this, both were miserable by the end of the night due to the presence of Max & Fisher, the cats of The Deuce.  By the time Amy makes that walk down the hall towards the end, she's about to pass out.
  • Yours Truly looks angry here, but its really just a front for the video.  I'm doing some sort of animated hand motion thing... have no clue what that even is.
  • Mikey looks angry here because he really was angry.  Unsure if this was the "Post Susan Neese" period just kicking in or what, but he was not a happy guy.
  • Filmed entirely in The Deuce.  Notice all the VHS tapes atop and beside the big entertainment center. 
  • I tagged Mike Williams and Mike Brunson on this on Facebook, two Mikes that I know from entirely different contexts--however, both will recognize that green and white checkered couch. 
  • Finally, I've lost about six pints in tears from laughing so hard as I watch this.  We truly were something... well, something.
 Shawn did some work putting other videos in digital format, so I am sure those will have to come up soon too.


  1. After watching this, Brad, Matt and Scott shouldn't feel so bad about that Michael Jackson video they's around here somewhere...

  2. Definitely good for a giggle. I didn't shed pints of tears, but I had a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing yet another glimpse into the life of D$.


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