Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Just a Smidge of Happy Times

So, like, sometimes we have fixtures at The Happiest Place in the Mall that we put clearance merchandise on. And sometimes, its the same type item, but due to the fact they are different styles, or different characters, one might be $7.99 and one might be $9.99. And sometimes we mark it with a sign that says, clearly, "$7.99" and directly under it, in print that isn't quite as big, but still very legible, it says "And Up", denoting that yes, some things on this rack are $7.99... and up.

It never fails. A guest brings me something marked $9.99 and ask why they can't it for $7.99, because "that rack over there says $7.99!".

"Yes sir, but it does say 'and up' under it, so some items are $7.99, some are more."

"Well, thats stupid. Can't nobody read that!" then they hand me the item, or take it with them across the store to tell their spouse that I'm stupid, the store is stupid and that sign marked (clearly) "$7.99... and up" is misleading. Then they leave the item draped across the Plush Mountain.

However, I guarantee you anything that if we hired one of those guys you see on Ripley's Believe or Not that paints the Mona Lisa on the head of a pin to write the words "buy one get one free" on any sign, the guest would see that, bring their free one up to the register and expect to get it. Ah, happy times.

Whatever. I'm going to Disney. See you on Sunday.

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