Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Cool Friends

I might actually have the coolest array of friends, like, ever. No, seriously... okay, let's get the famous ones out of the way--you know about Ambre Lake, but there's also Brooke Smith from the Bachelor, and Birmingham musician Michael Warren.

I have a friend who makes his own cheese and beer. I am friends with two different people on two different newscasts. I got a friend who has a ticket to the governor's mansion when he wants it. I have friends on the mission field, I have friends who have been up and down Route 66, I've got friends I met at 12 years old and I've watched them grow up and get married...

I've got really cool friends. But today, I discovered something that blew me away. Something I never expected. Today... the tipping point... I discovered I have a friend who was actually a woman wrestler.

I looked forever for this... I'm hoping this is you, Lori Fullington

My friends rocks.

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  1. I am sorry to dissapoint you...I mean with not being famous and all! Maybe one day!


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