Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Idol Hall of Fame Rockin'

Its Fox live, as the final four compete. There's David Rob Thomas Cook. There's The Dreadlocked One. There's Young David. There's the Black Julia Stiles.


Is American.


(cue music and possibly over-cheesy graphics)

Can you believe its already May, and there's only two weeks left? I can remember being in the Casa de Pesos, watching the auditions, thinking that that Brooke White chick might do well. And here we are, the finals 14 days away.

This week's theme celebrates The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, songs chosen from that Hall of Fame's exhibit of The 500 Most Influential Songs of All Time. Two songs each.

Looking over this list, however, I'm wondering how credible it is to feature only one single Fleetwood Mac song ("Go Your Own Way"), only one single Billy Joel song (not even "Piano Man", its "Just the Way You Are") and still feature four songs by Muddy Waters. I mean, heck, The Left Banke ("Walk Away Renee") got in!

David Cook
His first song is Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf"... it sounds alot like the original, only David Rob Thomas Cook's raspy voice is on it. Da-do-do-do da-do-do da-do-do.

Once again, he sound like he's headlining his own concert, and he's just doing a cover of this cool song amidst his own stuff. Good job.

Randy says it was just okay, solid. Paula says, "Your 'Hungry Like the Wolf' has left me with a big appetite." Yikes.

Simon says it was good, but a little copycat.

Song selection is pretty big nowadays... there's a good article about the Idols and their song selection last week... the songs are first come first serve, and they use a tiebreaker in case the same song is chosen by two Idols, if one doesn't relent.

Turns out, My Next American Idol Brooke White won a tiebreaker for "I'm a Believer" over Young David, during Neil Diamond Week. David Rob Thomas Cook and The Black Julia Stiles also chose the same song, but he backed off and let her have it.

Syesha Mercado
Wow. The Black Julia Stiles is taking on Tina Turner's "Proud Mary"... this is one that you don't do unless you think you can do it... there is no "try" with this one. Do it or don't. Even without the poofy hair, The Black Julia Stiles looks... well, hot. Seriously. She's the hottest chick left in this competition.

"Rollin... rollin'... rollin' on the river..." and here comes the jam!

So... she's done Whitney, she's done Mariah... and now she pulls off Tina. Over the last several weeks, she has freakin' rocked it! You go, The Black Julia Stiles!

Randy loved it. Paula blows sunshine. Simon thought it was a bad, shrieky version of Tina Turner... no way... I thought it was awesome.

Hey, its Irish Carly!

Jason Castro
The Dreadlocked One is taking on Bob Marley. Surprise. "I Shot the Sheriff" is the tune of choice. Let's hope he didn't shoot the deputy.

I'll be honest with ya... this has never been a song I cared for very much, so for me, even though he's got a good voice, this performance is miserable. Really, really miserable. I'm bored.

Apparently it was miserable for Randy, so much so that he can't even finish sentences... "Dude, I mean... Like I don't... wow (uncomfortable laughter)..." Paula gives him the boy equivilant of "you look great" by saying "you really played to the audience". Simon says it was utterly atrocious, like a first round audition massacre. "This is a song you don't touch, the arrangement was terrible..."

Randy and Simon pile on, and Paula comes to The Dreadlocked One's defense... even Ryan Seacrest jumps in to shush the two guys. Wow.

David Archuleta
Inspirational song? Check.

The familiar beats kick in, and Young David starts with, "When the night... has come... and the land is dark..." It makes me think of the movie "Stand By Me", which is actually older than Young David.

Still not that impressed. Come on, in three months of this show, I have not heard one single person say "Oh, I'm buying a Archuleta CD when they come out!". Not a single person. Let's go to the judges, because they love him.

Randy says Young David is trying to win the whole thing! Hot! Paula blows sunshine. Simon says, "You could have whistled and it would have sounded better than the last song."

Round one, I seriously give to The Black Julia Stiles, followed closely by David Rob Thomas Cook, followed not quite as close by Young David, followed by My Next American Idol Brooke White, who's song tonight sounded world's better than last place The Dreadlocked One.

David Cook 2.0
Here's one I don't know all that well... The Who's "Baba O'Riley". This will be hard, because I don't really know how its supposed to sound.

"Teenage Wasteland" should be the name of the song... I'm confused. Yes, the song is called "Baba O'Riley" and you can get info on it here.

Randy loved it. Paula wants more. More David Rob Thomas Cook. More. Simon says, "Welcome back!", almost as if the first one wasn't good... darn it, I liked it. Of course, I had to scroll back up to see what he sang, because I already forgot ("Hungry Like the Wolf")

Ryan Seacrest says, "After the break, Syesha and (ominous voice) Jaaay-suun..."

Syesha Mercado 2: Syesha Mercado-ier
Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" is the next song for The Black Julia Stiles, comparing the songs history (The Civil Rights Movement) to how she felt still being here after last week's results show, the results show in which my precious, sweet, G-rated Next American Idol Brooke White went home. I'm not sure The Black Julia Stiles appearance in the Idol Top 4 compares with the historical context of the Civil Rights Movement, but hey, I wasn't a history major, what do I know?

Good, strong voice, but I missed most of it typing up the previous paragraph. It was good, but I liked "Proud Mary" better.

Randy didn't love this as much as "Proud Mary". Paula blows sunshine. "Welcome to your dream, Syesha, this is it for you", to which The Black Julia stiles begins to cry. Which makes it harder for Simon to dump on her. Good thing Simon didn't dump on her, agreeing with Paula.

Maybe when I hear "La Bamba", it will take on a whole new meaning for me, being partly Hispanic or something.
As Simon and Randy banter, Ryan Seacrest yells, "We're running out of time! 'Hell's Kitchen' is going to start!"

Jason Castro: Castro with a Vengeance
Wow... The Dreadlocked One is doing Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man". The Lovely Steph Leann emerges from her blanket and says, "Oh, I like this one... don't screw it up!"

So, let me just say as I was typing that sentence, something happened. He started out decent, not great, but then I heard "...mmm....duudp....lalala..." He forgot the lyrics. A whole line of lyrics. Wow.

This doesn't help that I think Bob Dylan is completely overrated. Legendary, yes. A pioneer, yes. A good voice? Not at all.

The Dreadlocked One is ready to leave. Like, maybe he's not blowing it on purpose, but he's not trying anymore.

Randy says, "Jason's not in the zone tonight..." Paula reaches down and finds some stray sunshine on the floor. It barely reaches The Dreadlocked One. Simon says, "Jason... I'd pack your bags."

The Lovely Steph Leann looks at me and repeats what I said a few minutes ago, apparently going unheard... "I'm going to be a conspiracy theorist and say Jason wants to go home. He's blowing it on purpose." (it seems that EW might have the same sentiment)

David Archuleta: Live Free or Archuleta

For his final song, Young David chooses Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender". Young David is taking on a romantic love song. With his eyes open.

Wow. For maybe the first time in six weeks or more, I really like Young David. He's doing great on this song, not trying to re-do it, not trying to do more to it than necessary, he just sounds really good. Not a single inspirational note.

Randy loved it. Paula blows sunshine. Simon says, "You didn't beat the competition tonight, you crushed them." Ryan says, "Good job, crusher."

My favorite of the night? "Love Me Tender" from Young David, followed by "Proud Mary" from The Black Julia Stiles, followed by "Hungry Like the Wolf" from David Rob Thomas Cook, followed by "A Change is Gonna Come" by The Black Julia Stiles, followed by "Stand By Me" from Young David, followed by whatever that was David Rob Thomas Cook sang by The Who, followed way back in the back from the nightmare that is The Dreadlocked One.


  1. Dude you gotta know Baba O'Riley by the Who! Pearl Jam has covered it several times! Its awesome!

  2. Yeah...You gotta know Baba O'Riley........Pearl Jam man....uh...yeah


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