Monday, June 18, 2007


Ya know, sometimes there just isn't much to say... that's why I just haven't posted a thing lately...

Um... "Ratatouille" is awesome. We saw the sneak preview this past Saturday night, and its well worth the price of admission. Its funny, charming, great voices, great story... right up there with "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles"...

Speaking of which, how do you pick a favorite Pixar movie? "Nemo", "Incredibles", "Cars", "Monster's Inc", "Toy Story 1 & 2", "A Bug's Life"... I mean, its like standing at the cheesecake counter at The Cheesecake Factory, being asked to pick the best. Its tough.

Watching WWE Raw. They have a storyline where the Chairman, Mr. Vince McMahon got all blowed up in a limo. Not sure if I like it or not.

"The Starter Wife" is great. It's a new USA Network series with Debra Messing, who could have been my Ashley Judd in a different universe. Anyway, sh'es the wife of a rich Hollywood mogul who gets dumped... and its really funny... and sweet. Sure to make my "Coolest Things of 2007 List".

Other things that will probably make the list so far:
"Pirates 3", Jenny Ross, Psapp's "Cosy in the Rocket", "Barack the Magic Negro", Robot Chicken's Star Wars Special, Stephen King's "Cell" and Andrea Brobst gettin' hitched. Yeah, I have been keeping a list all year. Don't want to forget anything.

Okay... here's my new challenge. My Favorite 100 Movies, Ever. Like, making a list of movies that I like, that I watch over and over, that I consider the best movies, to me, ever made. So I've got 194 movies on the nominated list... I'm sure I'll add 50 or 60 more before I begin to whittle it down then rank them. And then post them of course.

Alright... so what are your favorite movies? What are movies that when you're flipping channels, you stop immediately when you see it on? I'm not talking about the greatest movies ever made... I mean YOUR favorite movies, no matter how bad the quality... ("Mo' Money" with Damon Wayans? Stupid movie. Love it)

Send me an email, leave me a comment... I might ask you to help me when I start posting my own list... I want to do an online ranking with a Vh1-type commentary from all over.

You down for the struggle?

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