Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is This Jordin's Now?

657pm... It's Idol time. The final two, and honestly, I'm trying really, really hard to care. I mean, last year, you knew that Pickles, My Girl McPhee, Daughtry and even Elliott Yameen would be just fine... and this year? You know Mindy Doo will be okay. LaKisha will find an R&B career. And no matter who wins, Jordin and Blake will both have at least-mediocre selling albums (Diana DeGarmo anyone?). But I'm still having to force myself to care about this finale.

701p... excuse me, I have to order a pizza

706pm... can I just say I love Papa John's Pizza... but their website SUCKS. Pizza Hut has the absolute easiest site to order from. And while I was ordering, I've missed Ryan's cursing, Paula's broken nose and Randy's "Glory" outfit. Back after getting the pizza done.

711pm... Here's Blake singing first, after winning the coin toss. He's re-doing "You Give Love a Bad Name", which brought the house down a few weeks ago. Is there any question he'd do this again if given the option?

713pm... So, like, I felt like I was watching the videotape from a few weeks ago... of course, I know that I'm not, because I recorded over it. Before Steph saw it. And she's reminded me of this over and over and over and over...

714pm... Randy liked the beatbox, but not the singing, Paula liked the whole thing, and Simon says what I've already stated--Blake isn't the best singer. But he's the best performer.

715pm... Jordin is busting out some Xtina, with "Fighter", one she hasn't done yet. Wow... look at JS with the straight hair. Looks great. And this is a great "I am woman, and I'll kick you in the face you stupid boy" song.

717pm... Okay, got the pizza ordered. Large, pepperoni and extra cheese, with black olives and mushrooms on one half. That was a great song by Jordin, by the way. Randy, in his Robert E. Lee outfit, says "Brilliant". Paula has a five gallon bucket of sunshine, and its on tap. Simon liked the song choice, but the vocals were shrieky. He calls Round One to Blake. Paula can't pick. Randy gives performance to Blake, vocals to Jordin.

719pm... Its official. Paula Abdul is an absolute train wreck.

720pm... leading the way into Dave's Top 100 Coolest Things of 2007 is the Cingular commercial where the girl is talking acronyms to her mom about her texting, telling her mom TISNF (that is so not fair!) when she's grounded from texting, only to have the mom go "This bill, that's what's N... O N... Yes Eff.." Hilarious.

723pm... Fox's new show "Back To You", with Kelsey Grammer and the older-but-hot Patty Heaton, about newscasting, looks promising.

724pm... Blake is singing "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. They just had a new CD come out, which I only know about because Starbucks sells it. I can't decide if Blake's sweater is a Cosby sweater (a cozz-bee sweatah!) or a Kris Dekker sweater. Nope, its not turtleneck, so it's not a Dekker.

726pm... He actually sounds just like Maroon 5 (is it Levine? Adam Levine? Did I just pull that name out of my belly button?). Randy liked it.


Paula liked it. Blake, I mean, though she probably wants Rick too. Simon didn't like the song choice, though he thought it was pretty good.

732pm... Jordin is telling us about when she was 12. That was in 2002. I was 26. Just saying.

733pm... She's throwing down on some "Broken Wing" by Martina. She's really into these Women Empowerment songs tonight, ain't she?

735pm... That song reminds me of playing tennis. If you make certain shots you look amazing, if you flub up said shots, you look like a moron. Same with a Martina song, especially "Broken Wing". You nail it, you are amazing. You flub it, you look stupid.

736pm... Randy declares it better than the original (I don't know about that, though Stephanie was talking to me about the upcoming Star Wars convention so I didn't hear it all). Paula loved it. Simon said "Now THAT was great".

739pm... Pizza is here.

739pm... Fine, I'll admit it. This finale has made me care again.

741pm... Because the previous songs performed in the finale have blown soooo badly, they had a song writing contest to get a better song. This song is called "This is My Now". As long as the words "Do I Make You Proud", "Inside Your Heaven" or whatever that Kelly Clarkson song was are not in it, then great.

743pm... I swear Ryan said the song was co-written by some guy named Scott Krippayne. Isn't he a Christian artist?

744pm... Is it just me, or does Blake sound awful on this song? Flat or something. Yeesh.

744pm... Randy says "Decent", Paula's pouring sunshine all over him, while Simon said "Odd". This is not Blake's kind of song.

746pm... "For A Moment Like This". That's the name of that crappy Kelly song. She rocks now.
750pm... Ryan in the crowd, schmoozing. He's telling me I can download the winning song. No thanks.
751pm... (actually listening to the words of the winning song, as Jordin sings it)
752... Steph, upon hearing Jording struggle with it like Blake did: "Maybe its just the song. This song sucks". I love my wife.
753pm... Haley Scarneto in the audience. We agree she's thinking "wow, I'm glad I'm not singing this".
753pm... I swear I just heard Jordin sing the line "Do I make you proud that I'm flying without wings from inside your heaven for a moment like this". No joke.
754pm... Randy is desperately trying to cover the fact that song blew chunks. Paula is crying. She just said "frickin'". Flake or not, I still love Paula.
755pm... Simon says he was wrong, and that she's good enough to win. He says "you just wiped the floor with Blake on that song." Steph: "Well... yeah."
756pm... No, no, not yours. This is MY now. MY NOW.
757pm... The recap shows that Blake did well again on "You Give Love", and really well on the Maroon 5 song, but wow was he terrible on the ending song. Jordin did a great "Fighter", an even better "Broken Wing" and managed to make that crap at the end bearable. For the record, I've been calling Jordin "Your Next American Idol" for a month now.
758pm... Randy gives the night to Jordin, Paula is absolutely goofy, and Simon gives the "individual performance" to Blake, but the night to Jordin.
8pm... Hey, its Daughtry! While we watch the recap of the season via video.
803pm... Ryan is acting like this is his now. We know better. MY NOW.

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