Monday, November 06, 2006


Vote your heart.

I almost wrote another lengthy piece about the parties, the election, the candidates and my thoughts... but really, all I have to say is, vote your heart.

Back 20 years ago, it was hard to know who stood for what... all you had to go on was ABC, CBS and NBC news, and some cable station called CNN or whatever. You had newspapers, but that was the extent of any knowledge... you knew what you were told, and that was all.

Not today. With the internet explosion, especially in the last seven years, all the info you could ever want about anyone is here. So, if you are confused about whatto do when you step into the ballot box, first read my previous post. Then, do some searching on the world wide web.

Some sites I recommend?
The Drudge Report - from Matt Drudge, a columnist, who usually posts generally unbiased news and posts it quicker than most sites
Newsbusters - Matt Latta sent me this site one day, and I'm always find it interesting. Its a good response to what you hear in the media, and its got some great stuff right now on Keith Olbermann (I miss him so much on SportsCenter, when he would do sports and shut up)
The National Review - Another good site with some great reading about the election
The American Spectator - More conservative wisdom, including a great piece on a prediction that Republicans will hold on (something I've been saying for weeks, mind you)
Michelle Malkin - I love Michelle Malkin's site, full of links and video (some are not for kids, but its reporting what you don't see on CNN). She's my current celebrity girlfriend, and the hottest aAsian this side of Sandra Oh.
And, of course, my favorite talk show hosts and pundits, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and the king, Rush Limbaugh.

Confused about what MSNBC is telling you about Rush making fun of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease? Didja know that Rush didn't make fun of Fox's condition? Read for yourself. Think it was doctored? I've got the segment on my iPod.

Gotta be fair... here's a couple of liberal sites. If I've taught you enough, you should be able to go to them, see through the distortions they push and come out thinking "Wow, Dave was right"
Michael Moore's site - The unofficial Vice President of the Liberal Movement (Hillary being President, natch)... any site that has a quote from Cindy Sheehan deserves to be laughed upon. Seriously, libs, can you really take Sheehan seriously?
Move On - The granddaddy of liberal sites, Move On proclaims "Democracy in Action". They actually called me the other day to ask if I'd be willing to volunteer to man a phone bank. Part of me wanted to say "Sure!", but I was afraid I'd get shot when they overheard me telling someone how good the economy was, and how there are success stories in Iraq after all. I respectfully declined.
Democratic Underground - They have their own "Vote Republican If..." list, including one that made me laugh out loud: "Vote Republican If You Hate the Military". One of the high points: a defense of John Kerry, who won numerous medals and went to Vietnam. Of course, I liked it because it made me feel smart... I could poke holes through 75% of their arguments, claims and out-of-context-and-sometimes-completely-misquoted quotes.

Anyway, vote your heart. Remember your morals.
Are you in favor of immigration legislation, or do you want to see amnesty for illegal aliens?
Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
Are you a believer in God or someone who thinks religion should only be in private?
Are you for marriage between a man and a woman, or all about letting whoever marry?
Are you for continued adult stem cell research, or for embryonic stem cell research?
Do you believe that the military is doing its job in Iraq, or are you for cutting and running (which is the best way I can put an immediate pull-out)?

If you believe what you believe, be proud of it and vote that. I'll talk to you when its all over.

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