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By All Means, Vote Democrat

Well, well, well. I've gone over what I'm going to say here, probably for a few weeks. I wanted to put forth the best posting I could, giving you facts and stats, without resorting to too many opinions for fear of losing Democratic and/or liberal readers before they understand what I'm trying to say (thanks Jaci!)

So, I've decided to give you the straight up truth on what will happen if the Democrats win control of Congress on November 8th.

If you are a Lib or a Dem, like my buddy Jenni in NYC (who called me her silly little Republican) then you should be excited about what you're about to read, because all your wildest dreams will come true.

If you are conservative and/or Republican, then you should be a little wary of what might happen.

And if you are undecided, or one of those who is thinking, "Wow, the Republicans have goofed all of this up, maybe its time for a change," then hopefully this will help you make your decision. I also invite your questions and comments, and even challenges, to the comments section.

By all means, vote Democrat, if you want: Defeat in Iraq... a 100% liberal running the House... a blow to the soaring economy... a continuation of media hypocrisy... years of investiagtions on your tax dollars... a repeal of tax cuts... federal funding for embryonic stem cell research... amnesty for illegal immigrants... the Democratic Party to run the country....

IF YOU WANT to see a defeat in Iraq, then by all means, vote Democrat.
The Democratic party is rooted and invested in the defeat of the United States in Iraq. Every step of the way, Democratic leader has made comments and taken actions that have not only undermined our troops, but also our effort in Iraq and even Afghanistan.
The NYTimes is reporting the US posting of Iraqi documents on Saddam's actual plans to build an atomic bomb--as in, the blueprints... and they were less than a year away. Now, you'd think that the story would be "Wow, perhaps Saddam was a more dangerous man than we thought, perhaps he was closer to WMDs--or had them--than we thought." No, the liberal response is "Bush is incompetant for posting this type of information for Iran to see!"

Of course, the NYTime revealing the
foreign communications spying program (notice I said "foreign", not "domestic"), plus the terrorist financial tracking programs (even after the White House called the editor and asked them to not publish the story) is NOT information that should be kept secret... the public has a right to know, right?

The bottom line is, if the Democratic gain control of Congress, we will lose the war on terror. There will be put forth
a timeline for withdrawal of our troops, which will lead to a slowdown of terrorist activity. This lessening of terrorist attacks will give Democrats, and the US, a false sense of security, and when we remove our forces from Iraq, the country will collapse.

We will then be looked at, once again,
as a "paper tiger" by our enemies, just like Jimmy Carter made us seem with the Iran hostage crisis in 1980, just like Bill Clinton made us seem in October 1993 with Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and the withdrawal of troops in Somolia shortly thereafter.

If you think that Democratic leaders support this war effort, or even that most of them still support the troops, remember Joe Lieberman from Connecticut? He's one of the only Dems who support the war effort--and the Democratic party has completely thrown him under the bus in every way, putting support behind Ned LaMent, who's been outspoken in his (ignorant?) war criticism

And there will be another attack on American soil, not because we can't stop it, but because we won't stop it.

IF YOU WANT Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House and leader of Congress, then by all means, vote Democrat.
Good ol Nancy, D-CA, is all in a tizzy that she might be the most powerful woman in politics not named Hillary. The thought of this alone makes me want to vote straight Republican.

Let me tell you about Nancy Pelosi. She's recieved at least a 95% liberal rating from the AMericans for Democratic Action (the nation's premier liberal group) every year for the last six years. NARAL Pro-Choice America gave her a 100% rating, while the National Right to Life Committee gave her a 0% rating.

She's voted against welfare reform, proposed constitutional amendments permitting school prayer, a $400 billion dollar Medicare bill (because she liked the one twice as expensive, mind you) and tax cuts.

She has also opposed any drilling anywhere in our country, particularly ANWR, all the while criticizing the Bush Administration for our foreign dependance on oil.

Pelosi also has repeated opposed a missile-defense system, all while watching North Korea test their so-called nuclear weapons. But, as I said, if you are a liberal, you'll want all of these things.

By contrast, the American Conservative Union gave current Speaker of the House Denny Hastert a 100% conservative rating. Pelosi? 0%. This is how much will change.

IF YOU WANT to see an end to the historic low employment ratings, an end to the roaring economy, then by all means, vote Democrat.
In going everywhere from the bank to Taco Bell, I see "Now Hiring" signs. Do you know wny? Because employment is so fraggin' high! Unemployment is like, 4%!!! If you want a job, there is no excuse to not get one.
The tax cuts work. The Dow Jones industrial numbers are hitting record high, and even though I've read reports that the reasoning behind this high number is faulty, even if you take away 1,000 points, this country is still rocking. When Pelosi raises our taxes, this will change.

IF YOU WANT to see a continued pattern of hypocrisy in the media, concerning racism, intolerance and hate, then by all means, vote Democrat.
George Allen (R-VA) called a staffer for his opponent in the upcoming election "Macaca". He said, "This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He's with my opponent. He's following us around everywhere. And it's just great..." The word "macaca" is actually a monkey, or it could mean a racial slur in Africa. The kid was Indian. The Demorats went nuts.

Jim Webb (D) is Allen's opponent. He's a novelist as well who likes to
write scenes concerning sexual perversions, (warning: link not for the weak-hearted) including scenes with boys and men together. But this is okay, because hey, its a free country, right?

Remember Trent Lott (R-MS)? He was at a birthday party for then-alive Strom Thurmond,
and made this comment: "I want to say this about my state. When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of him. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either..." Boy, this is bad. Thurmond was a segregationalist in the 40s and 50s, so for Lott to say this (off the cuff, jokingly, at a private function mind you) is reprehensible... this means that Trent Lott wants to see segregation come back! He apologized, but we see who he really is! Racist!

Hillary Clinton,
speaking at a fund-raiser in 2004: "I ran into Mahatma Gandhi once. He ran a gas station in St. Louis." But she apologizes for stereotyping that only Indian people work at gas stations, so it was just a poor attempt at humor. That's okay.

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE),
speaking to an Indian-American activist in New Hampshire: "You cannot go into a Dunkin' Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent." But, this is okay because he went on CNN or MSNBC, and the reporter asked him "Will you clarify your comments?"... he did, and all is forgiven, right?

Oh yeah, and here's
Joe Lieberman, courtesy of a liberal on The Huffington Post (a very liberal website)... remember, Lieberman supports our troops and war. But its not racist, its all meant in fun.

Oh yeah, lest we forget John Kerry, who served in Vietnam...

IF YOU WANT a continued characterization of our military and our war efforts to be a fruitless venture, then by all means, vote Democrat.
Watch the news: What you see is prisoners abused in Abu Graib. What you see is attacks on soldiers,
including sniper attacks, in Iraq. What you see is video from Al Quida beheading our men and women. What you see is terrorists burning flags and dancing in the streets, shouting death to America. You see this because you have a right to know.

What you don't see: Prisoners in Abu Graib tossing feces at soldiers, ripping apart their Koran and shoving it in the toilet to get soldiers in trouble. What you don't see is planes flying into towers. What you don't see is people jumping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive 1,100 feet in the air. What you don't see is hospitals, houses, schools, mosques and sewer systems being built in Iraq and Afghanistan by our soldiers. What you don't see is the capture and killing of Al Quida leaders. You don't see this because its either not news, or its too soon--you can't handle this.

If you want to see the next year or more of the government's time tied up in subpoenas and investigation hearings, then by all means, vote Democrat
I have nothing to add to this, other than I know its coming. Democrats are livid that the war is continuing, and most have changed their position on it. Most liberals act as if there was no terrorist prior to 9/11, or prior to Bush taking office, and most have gone along the theory that America is creating terrorists.

Democrats want to know why Bush misled this country into war, even though they had total access to the same information to make a decision on voting.
Democrats want to find out why Bush cried "WMD" when none have been found, though mountains of evidence has proven that they existed in the 1990s, even if they haven't found a big missle with a sign that says "Death to America" on it.
Democrats want to know why we aren't doing more with North Korea and Iran, when they were asking why we weren't doing more about Iraq and Afghanistan before the war began.

If you want to have all of the tax cuts repealed, the minimum wage immediately raised to $7.25 with no discussion of impact, and federal money to fund ALL types of stem cell research--including embryonic, all possibly in the first 100 hours, then by all means, vote Democrat.
The aforementioned Nancy Pelosi has already said that when she becomes Speaker of the House, she will do this and more in her first 100 hours in power. I honestly cannot tell you the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage, so I won't even try to discuss it, and to her credit, Pelosi has also said she wants to cut student loan interest rates.

But as for stem cell research? As far as embryonic goes, I'm totally against it because, simply, its accomplished NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Now might it work one day? Possibly. But adult stem cell research is currently working, so why stop a working program to venture out on something that may never work, all the while adding fuel to the abortion debate?

This topic has been in the news due to the
Michael J. Fox ad, campaigning for a candidate who has issues MJF apparentely doesn't fully disclose, and for an amendment that MJF admittedly hasn't read (which is NOT about stem cell research, but actually about human cloning), and the reaction from Rush Limbaugh who the media has crucified over context and comments he didn't make. If anyone could tell you that Rush said, I could, trust me.

IF YOU WANT total amnesty for illegal immigrants, plus the dismissal of the 700 mile Border Wall proposal, by all means, vote Democrat.
Simply put, not only to Democrats want to grant citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants here, but also to allow them to attend colleges on scholarship or in-state tuition, reap health care benefits and possibly re-unite them with their families in their home country, all on your tax dime.

IF YOU WANT the Republicans to lose, maybe to teach them a lesson, darn it, then by all means, vote Democrat.
Perhaps the Republicans deserve to lose. I mean, they haven't put forth a great policy on immigration yet. The war is Iraq, though in mind successful thusfar, has been plagued with problems. However, if the Democrats take Congress, not only will Republicans lose, anyone with conservative values and morals lose as well.

IF YOU WANT the Democratic Party to run this show called America, then by all means, vote Democrat.
The Democratic Party, as it stands currently, is led by liberals who sole purpose is power. Power at whatever cost. To those who stand in the way of that power, they will not just disagree, but lie about and ruin. The media that caters to them, including NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN, CBS News etc, is doing everything possible to run all the bad news of the war on terror and none of the hundreds of great things happening there.

This is a party who creates a "victim" mentality and uses it to their advantage. This is a party who has no solid stance on the economy (other than to say its bad!), and has
no clear plan for national security. They want to raise our taxes, keep us dependent on foreign oil and use your raised tax dollars to continue funding those who don't want to do anything for themselves.

This is a party who only caters to women, blacks, hispanics, homosexuals, the sick and the elderly when it caters to their agenda, and not before. This is a party who had to have a
"Spiritual Activism Conference" to determine how they feel about God and the Christians in America.

The Democratic Party cannot contribute to the arena of ideas, to the arena of solutions to the problems plaguing this country, but instead use bashing, name calling, cries of "racism!" and "intolerance" and "hatred" when it is their own party members who do the same thing to anyone who does not follow what they stand for, whatever it is.
The Democratic Party is no longer the party of great presidents like John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman... they are the party filled with kook-fringe liberals who lied about Katrina and its aftermath, they lied about Karl Rove and Valerie Plame, they lie about the war in Iraq, they lied about Bush's National Guard Record in 2004 (creating forged documents to do it, eventually firing Dan Rather but giving him some media award anyway), they lie about the ecomony, the lie and seek to ruin judicial nominees (because according to libs, every conservative nominee will turn back the clock on race relations, women's rights, civil rights, human rights and so on)... this is your Democratic Party of America.

A commonly asked Q&A session to fill you in what you read in the papers and what the truth is.

PS... Your
Democratic Underground movement: It's things like this that make me support population control. Theocons have no respect to the enviroment, Gawd told them to multiply like rabbits and that protecting the enviroment isn't needed because they think Jebus is gonna come down a rapture them. These people are dangerous and should not be allowed to have more kids then secular people do.

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