Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yes, yes, I'm still alive. Got back from the beach last week (perhaps I'll get around to talking about that), immediately hit the ground rolling with work, dinner theater rehearsals and show (which is tomorrow night), KidStuf, WalkAbout, Harry Potter and being married--which unfortunately falls in that order, and this is just so wrong of me.

Anyway, here's a segment I like to call "SONGS THAT CHANGED DAVE'S LIFE". I was sending out an email to the cast of the dinner theater at Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) and made mention of the wonderful news that is Grace. This song came to mind--all about just... well, disappearing into what God has us to be. Grace abounds and I'm the chief abuser. Changed my life. With the fantastic Christine Dente on vocals, and her husband Scott with back-up vocals, here's husband & wife duo Out of the Grey with "Disappear".

Hidden, so well hidden in this picture, why can't I be drawn outside these lines?
Willing just to vanish in Your shadow, what would wear away this thin disguise?
Surrounded by myself, I get so tired of me
I know, I know what I need

Wish I could disappear
Inside You, disappear
Hidden in the way I was intended to be
Closer to You, and farther from me
I would disappear

Given, I've been given so much freedom
Yeah, grace abounds and I'm the chief abuser
Been living in a house that I've contructed out of anything
that makes me feel good and safe and right
But the consequence of choices so easily made
Is an empty place I'd eagerly trade

If I could disappear
Inside you, disappear
Hidden in the way I was intended to be
Closer to you, and farther from me
I would disappear

Pulling focus from myself, got to see somebody else, coming closer, getting near, I would disappear
And I'm pulling focus from myself, I get to see somebody else, everything is coming clear, disappear

I would disappear

Just disappear

ps... if you go to Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) you'll get this final remark--I'd pay top dollar to hear Vickie McGee, Patty Cato or Robyn Meredith sing this at church.

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