Friday, September 29, 2006

Halfway There (23 Down, 17 To Go)

For this to make any sense, you'll want to either scroll down or just click here to read. Then after scrolling down, you'll want to scroll back up to the column just below this one or click here to read.

So, on my list of 40 things to do on my 5 day vacation, I've accomplished 23 tasks, with currently doing (40) a running diary, and then just now finishing (32) updating this page.

You might scroll around and see a few things added and removed... I did add a picture to the top of my profile (Steph hates that pic), while notably adding my friend Ambre's page to the links and also adding links to Kid Sister's page, my bro-in-law Tyler's page and for Steph, a link to John Tesh. And, you'll notice that the name was changed a few days ago from "Dave's Sojourn" to "Clouds In My Coffee". On my own MySpace page, you'll notice the blog there is "Clouds In My Coffee II", which mostly has the same stuff. I may post some stuff here or there exclusively, but check one or the other, and you'll get your fill of Dave, I'm sure.

So, what have I not done yet on my list? (1) Roll change & deposit $40 to cover the cost of my Sports Illustrated subscription--well, I've got the change rolls, I just need to roll.
(3) Watch Lost. Tomorrow, maybe.
(7) Finish 2 books. This may or may not get done.
(8) Mail out Thank You Cards for NYC--I'm working on that off and on
(9) Attend football game. Will do so tomorrow night
(11) Call Mom. Tomorrow
(12) Set pedometer and (13) Walk 3 miles. Hmm... we'll see.
(14) and (15) Read I & II Samuel. Tonight or tomorrow.
(18) Figure out 160 pictures to go in my new Creative Memories slide album, and (19) start working on said album. This afternoon.
(21) Update b'day and anniversary calendar, and (22) update prayer calendar. Tonight.
(29) Email one more person that I haven't talked to in a long, long time... Jason Smith. Later.
(31) Update Deuce Weekly Archive. I'll try to get this done today, between DFC updates.
(36) Get long overdue graduation gifts. I need to discuss with Stephanie.

But first... shower. It is 109pm, after all. I love my life.

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