Monday, October 02, 2006

An Incomplete List (but a great week)

So, out of 40 things on my To-Do task list since last Wednesday, my first day of vacation, I managed to knock out 30 of them.

My weekend:
(1) I rolled change for deposit to make up for my Sports Illustrated subscription--I will deposit it today.
(2) I inventoried and filed away my comics that were laying around
(4) I watched the pilot episode of Jericho
(5) I watched the pilot episode of Heroes
(6) I retyped skits and got them printed for WalkAbout
(9 & 10) I bought and attended the Troy/UAB game on Saturday (it was bad)
(14) I read I Samuel all the way through
(16) I out-served Stephanie in a few ways
(17) I sorted through a bunch of pictures, getting ready to put them in an album
(20) I had a conversation with a total stranger, Jennifer, the Waffle House waitress
(21) I updated my birthday calendar
(23) I spent two hours vegging, doing nothing
(24-29) I emailed Blair Andress, Susan Christiano, Anna Kelley, Bradley Granthem, Ambre Lake and Liberty Leak, all of whom I had not spoken with in at least seven to ten years
(30) Got the clothes folded (though now, there are more)
(31) Updated The Deuce Weekly Archive page
(32) Updated this page
(33) Wished Michael & Melissa Clark a happy anniversary
(34) Got Ryan Sherman's birthday card, will send out today
(35) Called Hallmark, got our Gold Crown Membership squared away
(36) Didn't get graduation gifts, but discussed with Stephanie about them, so it counts
(37) Got the ball rolling for the Make Your Mark for Elisabeth
(38) Dropped off books at the Hoover Library
(39) Read a bunch of Sports Guy columns
(40) Kept a running diary of my weekend

So here's what I didn't get done... (3) Watch Lost. That's for Wednesday morning... (7) Finish 2 books. Yeah, I started another one... (8) Mail out Thank You notes. I'm actually still on this... (11) Call Mom. I will, I will!... (12 & 13) Set pedometer and walk three miles. Yeah... (15) Read II Samuel. Didn't get to it... (18 & 19) Sort 160 pictures and start album. See, this took much longer than I ever anticipated, so this doesn't count that I missed it... (22) Update prayer calendar. No excuse on that one.

However... it was a productive weekend, I must say. Long live vacation!

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