Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yes, Hank Jr, I'm Ready for Some Football


I'm so happy.

Football is here. Its September. Give it another month or so, I'll be wearing long sleeve t-shirts with my shorts, the average temperature will be around 65 or so, and the games will just get bigger and bigger.

I watched South Carolina beat up on Mississippi State on Thursday--it wasn't a great game, because the final score was 15-0 and probably should have been 35-0, but Carolina isn't all that great either. No, it was that State is terrible... simply terrible. I'm glad that Sylvester Croom is there, I think give him three or four years (which MSU is going to do) and I have no doubt that State will be in a bowl game (of course, in three or four years, everyone but Vanderbilt will be a bowl game), but right now, they are just terrible. It was fun to watch, I was happy college football was back, but it was Thursday, not Saturday. Not the same.

Well, earlier today, I had to move a washing machine. Well, much earlier, I worked at Starbucks, but afterwards, I coordinated with my dad-in-law, Ron Campbell, to rid the Dollar duo (dos pesos?) of our old machine and then pick up a new one. I won't say where, or who, we got it from, because they gave us a really good deal on a new washer, and I don't want those expectations to be set for somone else, but finally, no more washing clothes at our in-laws house, or next door at the apartment laundramat.

We got the washer in and installed just in time to see the beginnings of Tennessee's throttling of California. I'll admit it, I picked Cal to win it. But, as much as I don't like Fulmer, UT has been absolutely dominating of Cal today.. though I don't know if that's because Tennessee is better than anyone thought (which the announcers are saying) or if that Cal, ranked 9th (at least 'til Monday), just isn't that good.

Auburn scares me. Three of the last four openers have been poops. Twice to USC, then last year to Georgia Tech (which the announcers keep bring up, over and over and over)... I mean, they beat La-Monroe, but then again, both Lattas, myself and Mikey Nipp could do that. That was the year they were robbed of a chance to play USC for the title (admit it, Bama faithful... no, they probably wouldn't have won... but they deserved to be there).

Anyway, the Tigers are ranked highly, the media is going nuts over them, they are 12-1 odds to win not just the SEC, but the whole shebang... Notre Dame and Ohio State are the only ones with better odds. And Washington State is pretty crappy. And all this is to say, this is the perfect opener for Auburn to just lay a big steamer on the 50 yard line, then go on a 11-0 tear, win the SEC, but be denied a chance to play Texas (yes, I said it) for a chance to win the national champion because of this one night. Maybe I'm wrong.

As I type this, Washington State leads Auburn 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. I think I'll go test my reflexes with a brick.

I've been an Auburn fan since 1986. I moved to Alabama, from Texas (which explains my allegiance to Texas), in October of 1984. About six weeks later, Bama won the Iron Bowl, as they did in 1985 (thank you Van Tiffin). By 1986, I realized I had to claim sides, one or the other. I didn't understand that yes, you could actually be a Gators fan, or a Georgia Bulldogs fan or whatever, what I understood was that my 6th grade class was divided down the middle, and I had to go to one or the other, whether I even cared or not. So, I declared the winner of the next Iron Bowl to be my team of choice. Auburn won 21-17, thank you Lawyer Tillman, so there you go.

I will say this, though... it took years, perhaps decades to fully understand--or maybe see a glimpse of--the history of the two teams. I read Warren St. John's "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer", and in just that book, I realized how deep the Bama faithful run... deep. So, I can only say this... while I think Alabama fans cam be obnoxious, though not to Tennessee's caliber, I respect the heritage. I'll never, ever, ever say "Roll Tide" and mean it, but I think I have a deeper respect for Bama's history than I do Auburn's. Of course, Alabama has 12 titles to draw from, while Auburn really, truly only has the last 15 to 20 years or so to claim as "history", because really, they've had that to be proud of.

It didn't help that I married into a Bama family. Stephanie went there, her sister, her dad, her little bro Tyler has considered it. My connection to Auburn? 1986. War Eagle.

I went to Troy State, of course, so I've learned the easy thing to do is just holler "Go Troy!" Unfortunately, Alabama and Auburn won't play Troy, especially after their trouncing of Missouri in 2004--which was the greatest college game I've ever seen. I would say "live", but besides Troy games, I've only seen Auburn play Arkansas and Alabama play Ole Miss, and thats it. Being in the student section of the Bama game, though, was pretty awesome. I didn't say "Roll Tide" then either, but I cheered them on (mostly because I picked them over Ole Miss in the DFC, but also to impress Amy Wible, my date that night). Oh, I got to see the Iron Bowl in 2000, that offensive slugfest that Auburn won, on the frozen tundra of Bryant-Denny.

The Troy/Mizzu game also led to my ticking off Eli Gold at Starbucks... after the Troy game, Eli goes on and on about "yes, they beat Missouri, but they still stink... blah blah blah..." so when he came into Starbucks one night, I asked him about it. "Why you gotta be all up on Troy, man? Let them enjoy their night," I said. He got mad and left. Made me smile.

Yes, I root for the Gators. And the Ducks. Not a fan of Ohio State. I personally think UAB is a joke (yes, they beat Troy, but still...). I only root for FSU or Miami if the situation suits me. I can handle Michigan, and can deal with Notre Dame, though I'd root against them easily, especially tonight, as I cheer for the Ramblin' Wreck to beat the Fightin' Irish (that is a whole lotta gold on the field, though). And I think Coach Fran is an absolute pud. So I easily cheer against Texas A&M.

I almost opened up my window hearby just to feel the fall breeze. Then I remember its only September 1st, it still a blamy 88 degrees outside, and there is no fall breeze. Not until September 20th, anyway.


I love football.



    spend four minutes of your life and watch the video.

  2. I knew there was some reason I like you.

    War Eagle!


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