Monday, December 02, 2013

when soon is not soon enough

Just like you, I have goals and dreams.

And just like you, I have excuses. 

Some are great excuses.  I have a 2 year old.  He keeps me busy.  I have a household to maintain, a The Lovely Steph Leann to take care of, a new job to continue training and learning in, and so much travel going on.

So I plan to start blogging regularly, soon. 

And I plan to start my book about autism and Campbell, soon.

And soon, I'm going to start outlining my "blog fiction" project that I want to maybe kick off mid-2014.

And when this Disney thing gets going, its going to be awesome, right?  Soon, I'm going to have my Disney Open House, where people can come, find out more information, and learn how I can help them with their own Magic...

Then, I'm going to watch this long list of movies I have to watch.  And spend more time with Campbell.  And breeze through the 2nd season of Once Upon a Time with The Lovely Steph Leann.

Soon, I mean.  I'll start that soon.

But I have to ask myself, when exactly is soon?  Its not now, apparently.  I haven't blogged since November 5th, even though I have five or six posts practically ready to post. 

It probably isn't soon now, because I've only mentally laid out my idea for my book, but nothing on paper.  And as far as "blog fiction" goes, I haven't written a single thing down... in fact, most people don't even know what that is.

And it must not be soon yet, as I don't have plans for a Disney Open House.  I mean, I plan to have one, but I don't have plans to have one.  Big difference.

So when does soon get here? 

The answer.  Never.

Excuses are like kudzu.  You let one take root, and they are everywhere.

"Let's get through October, because its a busy month..."  October comes and goes.  Yes, it was busy, but now we are past it... yet, "Got a Disney vacation coming up, let's get past that..."  Just got back from 8 days at Disney.  "Its almost Christmas time.  Its going to be busier than October.  Lets wait til January..."


Soon sucks.

How about now?   Now doesn't suck.  Now is frightening.  Now takes soon and throws Soon away.  Soon keeps telling you that when you have time for your dreams, your dreams will come true.  Now tells you the truth--You'll never have time for your dreams, unless you make it.  Soon won't make time for your dreams. Now will.

Its Now.

Soon is no longer an excuse.  I actually think I'm out of excuses for what I want to do, what I feel led to do. 

What's your excuse?


  1. My first name should be procrastination. This blog is the story of my life. Soon rarely comes. Going to take your advice and try a little more of the Now. Especially that meeting up at Disney part...

  2. Reminds me of the Smiths song, "How Soon is Now?" I am a serial procrastinating perfectionist. Haven't blogged since my book release.


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