Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 things not in 2013

I, like many people here in 'Merica, have made a list of resolutions... or, if you will, things I want to accomplish in 2014.  But I hope to take a look back at 2013, to remember the year, and some of these things I managed...

Coming later this week, my list of 38 things I want to do in 2014... on Monday, Clouds presents its first Movie Monday, with a list of my Top Ten Films of 2013, plus a quick list of all the movies I saw this year for the first time (and the worst films too!)

Next week, a list of books read in 2013, as we close out the year...

however comma

I'd be remiss if  I didn't own up to the things that I didn't do this past year. 

And honestly, I am okay with... even proud of... this list of 13 things I did NOT do in 2013:

In 2013, the year of our Lord...

**I did NOT adopt the word "Cray" or "Cray Cray" into my daily vernacular.  And cheers to The Huffington Post for keeping it real about what people my age should be saying... I know, right?

**I did NOT read a single page, nor learn a single thing about the "50 Shades of Grey" series. 

**I did NOT see a single minute of any real housewife in any city on any reality show of any kind

I think how good Miley Cyrus can be is directly proportional
to the length of her hair.  Here?  Awesome. Short cut?  Not
so much.  Also, beware, unless you Google "Miley Party in
the USA" specifically, you'll get lots of her 2013 images.
**I did NOT see a single second of anything to do with Miley Cyrus when it comes to a wrecking ball

**I did NOT hear a single note of the aforementioned "Wrecking Ball" song, nor have I actually heard any Miley music since "Party in the USA".  In fact, to me, she doesn't exist after "Party in the USA".

**I did NOT grasp any understanding of the word "twerk", what it means to "twerk", how to "twerk", or anything else associated with "twerking" of any kind. 

**I did NOT hear any Nicki Minaj song.  As a matter of fact, this is a two year streak now.  I don't know anything she sings, and wouldn't recognize her voice at all.

**I did NOT hear anything by Justin Beiber.  Similarly to Miley's "Party in the USA" cutoff for me, the only Beiber song I know anything about is "Boyfriend", and that's only because its so utterly ridiculous.

**I did NOT learn what a Harlem Shake is, nor have I ever heard it sung. 

**I did NOT see a single frame of any show featuring the words "Duck" and "Dynasty".  No offense to any of those guys, I just haven't seen the show, ever, and have no desire to watch it.  Ever. 

**I did NOT find out what the fox says.  Apparently that was a song.  Thankfully, I never heard it. 
**I did NOT gain the ability to distinguish any of the Kardashians from one another.  I think there is a Khloe and a Kourtney and a Kim?  Maybe?  Who knows?  Better yet, who cares...
**I did NOT get a Pinterest, SnapChat, Kik or whatever else is out there.  Right now, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are enough.  Perhaps I'll pick up Pinterest in the future, as I am promoting a Disney site, but for now, I'm full up on Social Media. 
By the way, parents, make sure you check out this article about SnapChat, and how dangerous it is for teenagers--especially teen girls.  I'd eventually like to have a daughter, but I tell ya, this world is not kind to young women...
There are probably a few more things I didn't do this year, but that's my main list... of course, there are things I DID do in this vein, notably, fall in love with "Blurred Lines".  Can't say I'm proud of that, but there it is. 
Check out the site tomorrow, Friday morning at the latest, and you'll get my (already written) list of things I want to do in 2014, which I call my Great 38...

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  1. I was right there with you until you got to Duck Dynasty. Love the show...I admit it! And I DO know what the fox said, but I think that's the fault of my husband who was deployed for 12 months and had too much time to peruse YouTube!


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