Sunday, July 14, 2013

some you tubery randomness

Just some random things runnin' through my head in the last few days...

In the same vein of things I've shared in recent days, I thought this was worth a look-see... sorta, kinda eye opening...


Doing the deposit at our store, and came across this little gem in the stack of 1 dollar bills...

Thought it was quite a surprising find, but also a neat little reminder.


Have you seen this?   Please... take the time to watch this, especially if you have a child or two.  Or three.  Or none. Its awesome.


In September, I'm headed back to Disney World!  As a part of the Adult Educational Program, I'm going for a week to do some Disney training.  Typically, the agents stay at a deluxe resort, and I was truly hoping for a Polynesian or Contemporary stay... we'll be at The Wilderness Lodge, which I've already stayed in... but I'm not complaining. At. All.

We'll be touring the resorts, possibly be doing a ship tour, possibly touring some other sites on property, and I'm pretty doggone stoked.  I'm actually staying an extra day and a half because I'm hitting the water park as soon as I am clear of the conference... The Lovely Steph Leann does not do water parks for anything, so this is my chance to go!


This is absolutely precious... well, if it wasn't so wrong in 15 different ways.  The serious delivery on this makes me cry from laughing so hard...

Hope you had some laughs with all of this...

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