Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idol's Top 24 Is Chosen

It took two hours to descrate celebrate The Beatles music and then drop five people, and advance five people to The Top 24, and now we have another two hours to get the other 19 people, while dropping the rest of the contestants.

We pick up while consoling J-Lo, after she completely broke down while telling Funky Chris Medina that he didn't make it.  Steven Tyler and Randy the Dawg comfort her, and let her know she did everything right. 

Funky Chris Medina and his boo Juliana, before her
accident that left her disabled.
Can I just say this?  Funky Chris Medina has an incredible backstory, maybe one of the most affecting and special in Idol's history.  What he is doing with his boo Juliana, staying with her even after her debiliating accident, is incredible and demands huge respect.  But his story and character not only overshadowed, but was in essence, greater than his actual talent.  Were he to make it to the Top 24, I'm afraid that this story alone would push him to the finals, possibly to the Top Five or so, and would be taking that spot from someone who deserves it more. 

But, its not all bad for Funky Chris Medina... Jay Leno reached out to him, and he'll be performing on The Tonight Show on Friday night doing some original material. 




So now, Karen Rodriguez, someone we've seen only briefly, takes the walk down the Green Mile walkway, to the execution.  It kinda reminds me of Professor X's plank walkway in the Cerrebro Room.   K-Rod gets a big vote of confidence from J-Lo and is now in the Top 24...

Robbie Rosen is up now, and The Lovely Steph Leann is a fan.  I wonder, though, if they give a spot for Robbie Rosen, and another spot for his schnoz.  Let's be real... he's got a large nose.  And he's got about 45 teeth.  He's very, very toothy.  I do like him though, and mention it to The Lovely Steph Leann, and she immediately says, "Absolutely.  If he doesn't go through, I'm going to be upset."  No upsetting news for The Lovely Steph Leann, though, as he makes it through to the Top 24.  Four girl spots... three guy spots...

Tatinysa... Tatanaysa... Titanynsya... Tatynisa Wilson?  She is the one who butchered "I Hope You Dance" in the last round, and barely made it through her final solo performance with "Unbreak My Heart"... you know those songs that are so great, but automatically ruined by being played a billion times a day, every other song?  Songs like "Barely Breathing", or "Smooth" by Rob Thomas and Santana, and yes, Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart", a great song ruined by me hearing it every fifteen minutes.  And while I ranted about the ruination of Toni's masterpiece, Tatynisa makes it through.

We now see Brittany Missomething and some dude from Nashville, and who they are doesn't matter, nor does the fact we have no idea who they are or what they sound like, because neither made it. 

Tim Halperin, someone we heard last night on The Beatles night, impressed all the judges all through Hollywood, especially last night.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "He's really grown on me..."  His final audition had him singing an original song, on piano, and it sounded fantastic.  I really like his voice.  Steven Tyler does the patented fake out and says, "I'm sorry to tell you...." and smashcut to Tim Halperin walking out to see Seacrusty and yelling, "I made it!"

Now we see Julie Zorrilla, my favorite so far.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "She makes some very weird clothing choices in her dresses."  She gives me a dirty look when I respond, "Yeah, but her dresses are always really short, so its okay..."  J-Lo tries the fake out as well, in telling Julie Z that she has made the Top 24.  That's half of the chick spots taken thusfar.  In the waiting room, she jumps up and her dress flies up.  The Lovely Steph Leann yells, "Whoa!" and I say, "Should I rewind that?"  She snaps, "NO!" 

Our two country guys are up next, Deep Voiced Scotty and John Wayne Schulz.  Remember Deep Voice Scotty was in the group that kicked out Jacee Badeuax, aka, Chunky Beiber, and then he sang the lyric "nuts of wonder" during his mockery of "I Hope You Dance".   His solo performance has him plunking the guitar and really doing some old style country.  My theory is, if Deep Voiced Scotty does well, even if he doesn't win, country will embrace him fully.  He sounds as good, if not better, than much of what you'll hear on the radio right now.   Now he makes the Walk of Chance down the Green Mile.  Good thing that Randy the Dawg lets him know he's in the Top 24.

And of course, there's not room for two cowboys, as John Wayne Schulz does't make it.  J-Wayne says goodbye.

Jovany Barrato sang Jon Secada's "Angel" in his final performance, and remember, he's the dude who showed off his six pack in his original auditions.  The Lovely Steph groans, "I hate this song..."  J-Lo gives him the news.  He's in.  Every season of Idol needs a Latin Love Machine, and this year, its Jovany.

Lauren Turner is making her way to the circular platform of destiny, another one that we aren't to familiar with.  She does have fabo hair, though.  She takes her seat on the Chair of Fate, and Randy the Dawg tells her that Hollywood Week wasn't great for her.  But, he then tells her she made it.   Now, only five spots remain.

Tywan Strong and Erin Kelly both are told they didn't make it, however.  End of the road, and Erin says, "Going back to reality, because this was nothing but a dream."  Never truer words were spoken. 

Rachel Zevita got a few rounds deep in Season Six, but here she is in Season Ten, making it right up to the Top 24?  But is she in?   I kinda do like her voice, though she reminds me of a prettier version of Heather Matarazzo, who was Princess Mia's bestie in "The Princess Diaries".   J-Lo tells her that she has been a fan of RaZe for a while, and Steven Tyler does the fake out again... "I'm sorry to say... you are coming through..."  Ra'Ze cries. 

The holding room continues to be tense, as only ten spots remain, four of those being chick spots.  Kendra Chantelle, who auditioned in Nashville, is up now, and she shined brightly in a duet with Pauly McDonald.  Her final performance was "Falling" by Alicia Keys, the same song she auditioned with--a risky move.  Will it pay off?  Let's find out...

Steven Tyler says there is concern, and that in 24 people, they have to find someone who is beyond good, and a total package.  Kendra comes out and tells Seacresty, "They told me a lot, and that they had to cut a bunch of people... but I'm not one of them!"  She makes it.

Jordan Dorsey has his turn.  Lest we forget, he's the guy who "auditioned" people for his own group, then ended up ditching his group for another... and in The Beatles round, he got some news that he didn't do so well.  He seemed to do well in his solo performance, though.  J-Lo tells him that she fought for JoDo the whole way through.  Randy the Dawg brings up JoDo's auditioning in the Group Night, and JoDo tries to explain himself.  J-Lo says, again, "Its tough, because a bunch of people are going home, there are only 24 spots... but luckily for you... you made it..."

And now, Lauren Alaina, who I really like.  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "I like her!  If she doesn't make it, I'm going to be really unhappy... I mean, I'll move on, but still..."

This show is stressing The Lovely Steph Leann out.

Lauren did really well in her opening audition, and shone in Group Night, but in Vegas, it came crashing down.  For her solo performance, she did "Unchained Melody", always a risk.  And she just turned 16.  Wearing something out of Julie Z's closet, she makes the walk to the platform.   Steven Tyler fakes out, saying, "I don't know how you are going to handle it at 16.... since you are in the bigtime now..."  The Lovely Steph Leann says, "Whew!  I was gonna be mad!"

Stefano Langone is the guy who was in a terrible accident, making it through Hollywood and Vegas mostly unscathed, but took a big risk in singing an original song in the final solo performance.  He sounded good, though.  I mention this to The Lovely Steph Leann, who merely whispers, "Mmm hmmm...."   J-Lo says, "Everyone had good moments, but someone has to go home.  At the end of the day we feel... like we would love to have you in our Top 24..."  I knew that was coming.   Stefano yells, "I haven't slept in FOUR DAYS!"

The Lovely Steph Leann says, "Aaaaugh!  Who else will make it!?!"

This Jackie Wilson didn't make it to the Top 24.
Well, neither did the other one.
Jackie Wilson, the blonde chick, not the 50s singer of songs like "Lonely Teardrops", auditioned well, but during her final solo song, she did the unthinkable... she forgot the words while singing "Because of You".   J-Lo breaks the news that Jackie Wilson won't be making it further.   Neither the blonde chick nor the 50s singer.  She asks "Why" and Randy the Dawg just says its a consistancy thing.  She says later that she didn't agree with the decision, but "it is what it is..."

Soul Man Jacob Lusk has that big bee-bop-bee-bee-bop-a-bop voice, and has a big personality, and I would love to see him clap his hands and yell "Her-ca-lese!  Her-ca-lese!"   He has some killer vocals, and The Lovely Steph Leann says, "He's not someone I would want an entire album of... but his vocals are just insane.  Great personality, seems like a great guy, but crazy vocals that are just insane..."  Randy the Dawg points out his "God Bless the Child" performance was the single best performance ever... not sure I agree with that, but he did very well.  But when he is told he makes the Top 24, he just jumps and cheers and screeches loudly, prancing and jumping all the way back down the Green Mile to the waiting room.  He grabs Seacrusty and spins him around, ripping Seacrusty's shirt.

The waiting room is emptying out, the energy is much, much lower now.  Only two spots remain for the chicks, three spots for the dudes. 

Pia Toscano was part of the outstanding version of "Grenade" in Group Night, then killed with her duet in The Beatles performance, and now sounds as if her solo song was great.  And she's smokin' hot too, so that helps.  Pia Toscano sounds like a dish at Olive Garden.  "Yes, I'll have a Caesar salad with extra onions... and I'll take the Pia Toscano.  Thanks."  J-Lo says, "I'll keep it short and sweet.  You made it." 

James Durban was described as "The voice we've been looking for" by Seacrusty in the auditions, but was shaky on Group Night.  When he sang for his Idol life, he had to show control over his loud Unambigiously Gay Adam Lamberty type voice, and seemed to do just that.  And he wears a tail, don't ask me why.  Possibly something that we might see on "My Strange Addiction" on TLC.   And now, Jamey D makes the walk down the plank to the Platform of Idol Dreams.  Steven Tyler doesn't even try to fake him out, and just tells him that he makes it. 

I mention that Jamey D is losing a bit of luster for me, and The Lovely Steph Leann says, "I would agree, but that last song was great."

Two spots left, four dudes left.  Casey Abrams is up next, and we already know he makes it, because the teaser before the break just now showed Brett Lowenstern, Chunky Beiber and that other guy all together, with Randy the Dawg saying, "The one going through is..."

However, I read today that Casey Abrams was hospitalized for stomach pains, and if he doesn't get better quickly, he might be replaced.  Get better Casey!  You are my dog, dawg!  He does a great solo song, and hits a note that makes The Lovely Steph Leann say, "And to sing that note with no vibratto?  So impressive..."  Of course he makes it.   Randy the Dawg tells him that Casey might be the most talented overall musician overall on Idol.  And in his celebration, Casey knocks the Chair of Decision over, and it falls off the stage... he says, "I'll get that!  I'll pay for that!"  As he walks out, J-Lo says, "He forgot the chair!"

So our last two girls make the walk.  Thia Megia and Jessica... someone.  I said, "Jessica who?" and The Lovely Steph Leann says, "Yeah, exactly."  As it turns out, though, Jessica has auditioned 7 times for Idol, and now, at this moment, one Idol road continues and one Idol road ends.  I cannot even see Jessica's last name, as the Fox 6 weather map only allows "Cu" to be shown.  Randy the Dawg tells her they are both awesome, but only one can go through.  And Thia Megia stays, Jessica Cu----- goes home, cut on her own birthday. 

Now, finally, one spot left for the guys.  Brett the Red, Chunky Beiber and Colton Dixon all walk in together, with one spot remaining.  The Lovely Steph Leann says loudly, "This is so bad!  I like all three of them!"    Chunky Beiber sang "Gone Too Soon", and it made The Lovely Steph Leann just say, "Mmmm."  Brett the Red did one of his own songs during the final solo performance.   Colton Dixon shone during his solo song in Hollywood, and again, in his solo performance. 

They build all three up, and Randy the Dawg finally says, "The person going through out of the three of you is Brett Lowenstern..."  Colton and Chunky Beiber say goodbye.  I would have taken Colton Dixon out of the three.  Chunky Beiber tears up, and The Lovely Steph Leann whimpers, "I hate this!  I HATE THIS!!"   I'll miss Chunky Beiber. 

So thats Idol's auditions.  The live shows start next week, with the final judgement over.  The guys come up first Tuesday night, the girls on Wednesday. 

Here are the Girls, in order of which I like 'em... Julie Z... Lauren Alaina... Haley Reinhart... Ashton Jones... Kendra Chantelle... Lauren Turner... Pia Toscano... Thia Megia... Ra'Ze... K-Rod... Tatynisa Wilson... Nababa Shaboola

And here are the Guys, in order of which I dig 'em... Casey Abrams... Pauly Mac... Deep Voiced Scotty... Soul Man Jacob Lusk... T Halperin... Robbie Ro... Jamey D... Stefano Lego... Brett the Red...  JoDo... The Latin Love Machine Jovany... Junbug

We'll have more than Idol here on Clouds, I promise... but you know we will be here for all the Idol coverage you could need!


  1. When did part two air? My DVR didn't record it. Hmm

  2. Listening to these kids sing The Beatles was indeed torture. I don't care how good they are. One cover of The Beatles that I love is Getting Better by Gomez. Moving on...

    Funky Chris Medina. Oy. First off, he needs to leave his girlfriend behind and live his life. Sorry, I know it sounds cold, but it is what should happen. Also, I loved him, but he wasn't talented enough for the Top 24. Nuff said.

    Robbie Rosen? You made me laugh out loud - the nose is just too much. Sorry. Adrian Brody is enough - we don't need another nose. The crack about 45 teeth was classic. He's cute, but I could do without.

    "Nuts of wonder" is currently my favorite Idol moment to date. So glad Lauren Alaina made it because she's my front runner right now. Girl can wail!

    Great post. Love your observations and again, wishing I could watch with you and the LSL. Lastly? Chunky Bieber....oh my, I love that name and this child just broke my heart. I hope he sheds some lbs., gets a haircut and comes back next year. I love him.


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