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A Very Deuce Christmas Story - The Epilogue

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Installment Eight, featuring Parts 30 - 34 (the finale)

It's been eight years since those eventful few days that I spoke of here over the last several weeks. Some of us--myself, Tom Johnson, Mikey Nipp, Amy Wible, Stephanie Nipp--went off and got ourselves married. Still more of us--Tommy McLeod, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Glenn, Leslie Cordell, Matt Latta & Ginger Thomas--took it one step further, by not only getting married, but also having kids. Drew Morris, Ty Coffey and Shawn Sharp still live the swingin' bachelor lifestyle... for now, anyway.

From time to time, I'll get a question about what has happened to the people you've read about. In anticipation of posting this story, I made some calls and sent some emails to try to find out.

As far as our original intentions, Amy Wible's grandmother's house was re-built, as was the neighborhood. It didn't happen that day, it took a while, but the area was recovered and finished...

I also remember Wookiee calling me one day in 2004, and asked if I could meet him. "Dress nicely," he said. I did, and I did... he had wanted me come with him to Britany's funeral because "I don't think I can do this without some help, buddy." The little girl had held on as long as she could, but finally, it was time to let go. Not too long ago, I asked him why he wanted me along, and not his wife, Gina. He paused, and said, "I dunno. I think... well, I think you understand it." And he was right. I did.

Claire was apparently there, but never having actually met her, I didn't know who she was. Britany's and Claire's father never showed up.

I emailed Jennifer a month ago to see if she had heard from Claire. She said that she had. Claire had given up hope to go to Harvard. However, apparently, in 2004, she had finally saved up enough money to go to Vanderbilt Law School. I'm sure she'll make do. She's taking a little longer, as she's taking some time off here and there to work and save, and so far, she's amassed very little in student loan debt and is set for a career in family law. Jennifer also said that Claire had met a "really cool guy" as she put it. There may or may not be a wedding in the future.

Michael, Ginger, Matt and I went to see Mrs. Keller in the summer of 2008. Matt and Ginger took their daughter as well, and while the boys did some much needed repair around her home, Ginger did some cleaning up for her on the inside. Mrs. Keller and baby had a ball together. In her old age, she's still getting along well. We all made a promise to stop by after Christmas and visit.

As far as Faith and Bethany goes, I don't know. I can only assume that Faith is still at the hospital, but I can't say that with any certainty. However, not too long ago, Tyler Campbell, brother of The Lovely Steph Leann, and I stopped at that Waffle House on I-59. When I asked about Bethany, no one knew who she was. I asked about Christmas Eve as well, and they still read the story at midnight on Christmas.

"I guess they've been doing that as long as this location has been open," our waitress said. "Every year, every Christmas, right at midnight. Well, I did hear they broke that tradition once, and read it on Christmas Eve at midnight, you know, instead of Christmas, but I don't remember why they did it." I smiled, and when Tyler asked me what I thought was so funny, I just shook my head. "Read the blog," I replied.

I'm not sure how many people took the time to read my little story of memories made long ago, but I do want to thank Drew Morris, Matt Latta, Ginger Latta, Steph Nipp, Mikey Nipp, Shawn Sharp, Ty Coffey, Leslie Ailsworth, Jennifer Ernst, Amy Higgenbotham, Chris "Wookiee" Fulaytar, Tommy McLeod and Justin Glenn for allowing me the chance to tell our story.

And to you, Coffee Drinkers, casual readers of Clouds in My Coffee, and those on Facebook, thank you for the (mostly) positive feedback, thanks for reading and I hope that you all have a very, very, Merry Christmas.

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