Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where you at???

For those of you who keep checking the blog page, keep checking it. I'm due any day now.

With two jobs, The DFC, Survivor, WalkAbout, The Amazing Race, KidStuf and everything else that goes on, blogging has taken an accidental backseat. However, I really want to get back to form... and I want to unload on one Barack Freakin' Obama. With both barrels. With regards to Jaci Gresham, however, I will do it respectfully, with very little name calling, except for the word "Socialist".

Anyway, I haven't given up, I haven't forgotten, and I'll talk to you very soon.


  1. Barack Obama answering Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher's questions in Ohio: "I think if we spread the wealth around, it will be better for everybody."

    Obama needs to run for office in a socialist country like France. His ideas are a much better fit there.


  2. The issue is, though, I dont think most people understand that this is what Obama wants to do. I think most people hear "change" and "new leadership" and "new ideas" and think "oh, well, Bush sucks, so we need change and new leadership and new ideas" without understand that change for change's sake is a bad, bad idea.


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