Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Starbucks Forever

Sitting here watching the game with Texas taking on USC, I'm totally rooting for Texas to win. USC is just too cocky, and it showed the first half.

I worked almost 13 hours today--after my eight hour shift, I agreed to help out when one girl came in sick, almost puking (I sent her home and stayed until after 8). Anyway, in case you need an update, or want one, I'm "paneling" for Starbucks...

...essentially, that means I'm going through an interview process with the Powers That Be at Starbucks Corporate to find out if I'm manager material. I'll immediately be an assistant manager, then a manager of a new store opening up... and my hope is, when Birmingham becomes its own region (right now its part of the Atlanta Region) I want to move into the promotions and relations side of it.

And I dont even like coffee.

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