Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Deuce Weekly Introduction

Wow... can you believe its 2006? Its coming upon FIVE YEARS in February that the very first edition of The Deuce Weekly went out. It was a small publication, via email, really to just let all of the Friends of the Deuce know what was going on around the area, at Valleydale BAPTIST Church and other areas--including, of course, the Deuce.In the final edition of the Weekly, David Mark Osborne made the comment, which I'm quite proud of, that "only you [david dollar] could turn an apartment into a franchise", and truly, thats what it was.

But even deeper, The Deuce was a group of friends, Michael Nipp, Tom Johnson, Shawn Sharp and Yours Truly... and our immediate, yet extended family included Chris Fulaytar, Tommy McLeod, Leslie Cordell, Ty Coffey, Jill Berthon, Steph Nipp, Sarah Hasha, Daniel Powell and more......and of course, the Deuce became a bigger family later when Stephanie Campbell, Jenn Pritchett, Justin Glenn, Jason Demastus, Tim Wasyluka and tons more joined the ranks. Some of them disappeared, like Alex Milner, Erin Whiddon and The Mitch. Some of them got married (ie, Steph & Yours Truly, Jenn & Justin, Ashley & Mike, Tom & Jill...). The Deuce was born truly on June 10th, 2000, and shut its physical doors on March 3rd, 2004. But the Deuce will never die, as long as those who loved what it stood for will let it live.

We stood up to many people, fought many battles--with each other and for each other--saw each other through many tough times, cleaned up lots of crap from Malcolm the Freakin Lizard, and so much more...

The Deuce Weekly was born out of a simple need to let people know what was going on. It turned into a weekly tradition, filled with inside jokes, jabs at each other and media, smarmy remarks meant for people and situations, and had its share of controversy (anyone remember the Ryan Smith Saga? And the Anonymous Email from Mikey? What about the Top Ten From Satan? Yeah...)

Anyway, starting on Tuesday, January 31st, I'll put on the new site the very first Deuce Weekly written... and every few--or several, depending--days after that, I'll add a new one, in chronological order.

Read them... enjoy them... savor them... and remember it. I might add comments here and there, but know that the Weekly will be in its entirety, uncut. For the first one, I will even add the list of email address, to let you know who were the charter members.

You can visit this new blog with the Deuce Weeklys on them, or you can visit the Dave's Headlines Links to the right, which will mention when the next one has been added, or even scroll down to Dave's Recommended Blogs to see the link.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

ps... I'm also going to be putting up Dave's Encouragement blogs, with over 100 of the previous encouragements written in the last five years. Look for it. =)


  1. Dave, nice sidebar you added. Looks good. I look forward to reading those old Deuce Weeklys and Encouragements.

  2. It was the best of time it was the worst at times but no one can ever take the Deuce away from us


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