Wednesday, June 12, 2019

summer end quick

While I work hard on your magical vacations, my kid is currently upstairs crying because:

1) He can't ride a bus right now.

2) He can't ride an elevator right now.

3) See mommy, who is at work.

4) wants Cool-ay, of which i have no idea what that means. And yes, the first thought is "Kool-Aid", but trust me, I'm pretty sure he's not saying "Kool-Aid".

5) I won't wear a Greystone shirt to match the one he just put on, because he thinks we'll be going to McWane Center if we wear them.

6) he can't play with our suitcases, of which I've had to pile in a locked up bedroom because of this problem

7) his head hurts, which hurts because he bangs his head on anything he can find.

8) I got onto him because when I went to the restroom, he turned my computer completely off in the middle of something I was working on

This isn't a multiple choice. He's crying for all of these things simultaneously.

Also, its very quiet right now. Unsure how much time I give it before I actually go check on him.

I need summer to end quickly.

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