Friday, January 02, 2015

a message to the haters

"...No love for the haters, haters, mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers, they see me on the 50 yard line with the Raiders..." -- Will Smith, "Gettin Jiggy Wit It"

The word "hater" is a funny thing. I guess the word has been around for a while, but only in the last few years as the concept of "hater" been around.  It's not necessarily someone who doesn't like what you are doing or where you are going, it's someone who doesn't like that if you are doing something great or headed in a great direction... thus, they are "hating on you", or are "haters".

I have a few.  You have a few.  You may have many, I don't know, but here in 2015, I wanted to speak directly to mine.

Dear Haters,

I don't care.  Not about you, anyway.

I used to.  I used to try and please everyone, and to some extent, I'll probably always do a little of that... but please you, the Hater, is something I don't have time for.

See, in 2015, I plan on being great.  Sure, it's a cocky thing to say, but so what.  No one plans on being mediocre... well, no one but you.  Perhaps you are a Hater because you don't like my personality.  Perhaps you are a Hater because you don't like my choice in career.  Perhaps you are a Hater because I talk too much, am too outspoken, you don't like my writing style, you don't like my podcasting voice, you think Disney sucks, you think anyone who likes Taylor Swift and admits it is a dork, you think that I'm responsible for my outspoken friends if they offend you...

See, Hater... that's just not my problem. 

The things I do... the things I say... I strive for those things to be purposeful... to invest... to be kind and encouraging.  No, I don't always succeed... in fact, I fail much more than I want to admit.  But sometimes, many times, I do get it done, I do succeed, I do accomplish... sometimes I fly.

And you, Hater, are the one who wants to tug on those wings to keep me from flying.  To tell me I'm not good enough, or that I don't deserve success, or maybe that I'm just a jerkface.

And that's okay.

I'm not trying to please you.  Not anymore.  Hate on me all you want.  And I'm guessing the more good things I do, the more people will join you.  Because I know you, Hater, I know that you hate because you can't get some things done yourself.  But see, that's not really my problem.  I'm too busy being awesome to worry about your shortcomings.  Too busy succeeding to worry about hating on you.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not perfect.  I have lots to work on, I have lots of things that need improvement, and there are a great number of things that I'm just not good at.  Heck, there are things that I know you would dominate me on every day, all day.  But it's those very things that I'm not good at that push me harder to improve on those shortcomings, and to get even better at what I am good at. 

So, in short, Hater, sit back. If you hated in 2014, I'm going to give you so much more to work with in 2015.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to continue gettin' jiggy with it.

Much love to the Haters,


PS... this entire letter almost said, "Dear Haters... I dont care... Love d$", but I thought that you deserved a little more. 

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