Saturday, July 12, 2014

live from the apple store

So, I'm sitting in the Apple Store, at a side counter, on a computer.  My iPhone battery is on it's death bed, having already signed it's will, and issued a DNR to me for the eventual demise.  I use my iPhone like it's some sort of turbine pumping air through my lungs.  It's rather sad...

I don't have a problem... I don't... I can... I can quit anytime!  LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Where was I?

Yes, since I joined the Facebook social group Dreamers and Builders, formerly known as The START Experiment before it's founder Jon Acuff and legendary money guru Dave Ramsey parted ways in October of 2013, my iPhone usage has leaped about 400% percent.  Now, combine that with two things... first, the growth of Disney on a Dollar, my Disney travel planning service... and second, the job I took in November, and that we aren't supposed to be doing non-work stuff on a computer that is at work... meaning in addition to using my iPhone for regular things like Mapquest and movie times and emails and such, I'm now on social media a lot more, and now doing a lot more business on the phone.

End result?  Well, when I came in here today, the Apple Chick pulled up a little square diagram, with green in the top left corner, red in the bottom right corner, an orangish yellowish color in the other two squares, and a little dot in the bottom red.  This showed my battery.

So, now I sit in the bastion of hipsters all wearing skinny jeans and many with rings through their noses and ears and eyes, awaiting my new battery on my phone.

Don't get me wrong, rings through noses and ears and eyelids aren't really a problem... I think to fully understand the Whole Foods culture and integrate properly, you need to have a ring through sometime, or a wild tattoo, or best yet, a ring going through a wild tattoo--and the people at Whole Foods are some of the nicest people that I've ever met at any retail store.  It was a real lesson in stereotyping.  Sure, I am guessing they go home and fire up the Tori Amos and White Stripes, but when at work, nothing but nice.  Crap, I did it again.

Oh, my iPhone is here.  Gotta tell ya, it's been wonderful typing on such a well working computer.  Okay, bye.

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